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Death Leppard

At the Fortress, Tracy is checking up on all the funeral arrangements. Rico is trying to help her, despite Tracy’s announced preference for dealing with David, as opposed to "some underling." When Rico unveils the coffin she’s selected, Tracy tries to claim that one of the corners is nicked. Rico isn’t having it, however, and he explains that the "nick" is actually part of the grain. When she insists on exchanging it for a new coffin, Rico has to further explain that there aren’t anymore like it to be had, and that this particular coffin had to be shipped all the way from San Francisco. Tracy is "very unhappy about this," but Rico calls her bluff by offering to bring up Aunt Lillian’s body so that Tracy can take her business elsewhere. Heh. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wanted to saddle some of my customers with a dead body. Preferably their own, but really, any body will do.

In the kitchen, Ruth is on the phone with Hiram. He’s calling to make sure she’s okay with the break-up and all, but seems to be having a really hard time dealing with the fact that yes, she actually is okay. Meanwhile, Claire comes down the steps behind her mother and tries to sneak out the door while calling out that she’ll be spending the night at Parker’s. Mom puts a stop to that, however, telling Claire that she wants her to have Parker’s mother call the Fortress if she’s going to be staying over. Before Claire can answer, Ruth goes back to being exasperated with Ed. "I’m sorry that you’re having second thoughts," she snaps, "because I’m not." Then she hangs up the phone and emphatically tells her daughter that "men can be so stupid." Uh, yes. Yes, we can. Claire is clearly confused by her crazy, crazy mother, and she backs slowly out the door while agreeing to have Mrs. Dangerslut call later.

Back at Our Lady Of The Inflamed Plot Point, Nate is watching Brenda sleep in her hospital bed. A doctor enters, and immediately tells Nate that he needs to speak with him later. In private. Uh oh. The doctor then goes on to wake up Brenda for an examination, and she sleepily relates the events of her dreams to him. She was swimming with dolphins, and then Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love showed up, and as the camera slowly pushes in on Nate’s concerned face, I’m left to wonder if maybe Brenda’s head injury is worse than we might have thought. Then again, she didn’t make much sense before the accident, so who knows.

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