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Death, dumb, and blind

Later, Ruth is in the kitchen, ecstatically (get it?) extolling the virtues of camping to David. "And you're okay?" he asks. "No sickness? No headaches?" Ruth mentions that she did, in fact, have a headache, but she took some aspirin, and it went away. "Yes, well, aspirin is damn good stuff," replies David. Heh. Claire comes in and explains that she's depressed because they buried her friend's brother. Then she confesses that Gabe was the foot guy, which totally shocks David and her mom. After she leaves, Ruth sighs and says, "There's so much you wish you could protect your children from." David seems to share her pain for a moment, and then he kisses her goodnight and heads upstairs. Ruth places the aspirin bottle on the table for a quick close-up, and then we cut to Claire's room, where Gabe is lying in her lap, sobbing and shaking. Fade to white.

Haley Joel Osment: Are you the Blue Fairy?
Claire: Uh, hello? Have you seen the hair? Clearly, I'm the Red Fairy.
Haley Joel Osment: Ahh, the hair. So silky, so smooth, so…
Claire: Oh God, not another one. You people are all freaks.
Haley Joel Osment: Marry me, Lauren! Forget about Aaron, my love is real!
Alan Ball: Yes, but I am not Spielberg, which means there's not going to be some fake happy ending tacked onto this crap. So get out. Now.

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Six Feet Under




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