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The Body Shoppe. Rico is giving Arthur lessons on the proper way to apply make-up to a corpse, which requires a light touch so as not to "go all Joan Crawford on him." Ruth pokes her head in to ask if it's okay for her to return Silent Running, and then does that thing where it's obvious she doesn't want to leave even though she doesn't really have anything else to say. Finally she takes off, and Rico reminds Arthur that even though he's living in The Fortress, he still doesn't have to "do things with the Munsters up there." I swear to God that the first three times I watched this, I thought he said "monsters" and not "Munsters." It's only when I finally flipped on the closed-captioning for transcription purposes that I finally caught the difference. That's not really funny or anything, but it does give you a nice example of why bad diction is a recapper's worst nightmare. Enunciate, Rico. Or, you know, shut up. Whichever works for you. Rico then segues into "Advanced Casketing Techniques 101" as he lays out their plan to fit Biggie Smalls into his coffin tonight, so that they don't have to worry about any problems before the funeral tomorrow. Arthur just stands there, looking studious.

Russell, meanwhile, just looks scary. The extreme close-up is a greasy-haired boy's worst nightmare. He's also got that serial-killer vibe going again, as he lies on Claire's bed and sulks about the tongue-lashing he got from Olivier. "Everyone makes crap sometimes," he whines, "but what's with the big need to humiliate me? I mean, I don't do well with this kind of thing. I don't need somebody telling me that I suck." Oh. Well, in that case, you might want to stay out of the forums. And also certain segments of the last few recaps. Sorry about that. He bitches about the other students for a while, and then shouts, "How can you grow as an artist if you don't have the freedom to fail now and then? It puts the lotion the basket, dammit!" Claire and her blue hair try to console him, and then suddenly she's stroking his face and leaning in for a kiss. Woo hoo! If I can't have her, at least my dorky doppelganger can. They fall back onto the bed, and…scene.

Tent cabin. Nate and Lisa are sitting there reading in silence, when Lisa finally breaks down and gives Nate permission to go hiking on his own. Nate immediately grabs his backpack and bolts for the door, although to his credit he does come back to double-check. "I just want to make sure you're not saying 'go ahead and hike' when what you really mean is 'stay here and help me with the baby or I'll secretly hate you.'" Lisa assures him that everything is fine, and we quickly cut to Nate wandering along a rocky trail and stopping to take a few hits off his pipe along the way (POT ∞ = 2). Oh, yeah. Nothing makes a long, arduous trek up the side of a mountain more enjoyable than filling your lungs with smoke first and coughing a lot the rest of the way.

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