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When he finally reaches Suicide Rock, he sits back to revel in the view, which really is stunning. The landscape is very Lord of the Rings-ish, which is why I'm not surprised to see Brenda appearing over the horizon. I guess the Aussie in Rachel Griffiths finally got tired of those pesky New Zealanders bogarting all the fame and fortune that by all rights should belong solely to her, Mel Gibson, and Yahoo Serious. I probably also should have mentioned in advance that we did see Nate falling asleep on the rock, so there's a pretty good chance that what we're watching now is a dream sequence. Brenda climbs up on the rock to join him, and evinces surprise that they would both end up at the ass-end of nowhere at exactly the same time. "I don't believe this," she tells him. "It's like fate, huh?" Yeah. Fate-al attraction, maybe. Nate would seem to agree with me, because he obviously doesn't believe her story about staying at a nearby bed-and-breakfast with some friends. "Are you stalking me now?" he screams. "You're fucking stalking me! You followed me and my family up here. What the fuck do you want from me, you crazy fucking bitch (Fk = 6)?" Brenda responds with predictable disdain for this notion, and she even highlights that sentiment by barking a few times. Heh. Nate demands to be told the truth, complete with an extraneous "fuck" (Fk = 7), and Brenda finally gives in and admits that she followed him up there to talk. "I miss you so much," she tells him, before begging for a just a single kiss. She shoves her tongue down his throat, and then pulls back to whisper, "Remember that feeling, flowing into each other like water?" Yep. It's all about the flow, people. "I can't live without that!" she shouts. "I won't!" "Well, you're going to have to," replies Nate, as he forcibly shoves her away. And then just like that, Brenda heaves herself off Suicide Rock, and plummets straight into…a shot of Nate waking up. Well, that ought to teach him never to nap while stoned. Incidentally, I should really give props to Kathy for the camera work here, which makes excellent use of a variety of lenses. I should also give props to either the location scouts or the set painters, because even though I can't quite tell whether or not the scenery behind them is real or a backdrop, I have noticed the clever shout-out out to the tree from the opening credits. Very cute.

But not as cute as Claire, who's curled up in bed with Russell. "I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this to you," he confesses, "but I've been writing these essays on the internet every week about how much I love you. It's kind of lame, I know." Actually, it's way more than lame, because what he really admits is that he was a virgin. "Oh my God!" exclaims Claire. "I did that to you?" Heh. They laugh and joke about his relative sexual inexperience, and I curse the glass wall on my TV set that prevents me from climbing in there to tell the kid that it's only going to go downhill from here. I mean, once you've tasted perfection, you can no longer accept any substitutes. "I feel really safe with you," he tells her, which on the one hand is kind of sweet, but on the other is so incredibly wussy that I don't really have a hard time believing that he's never had sex before.

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