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Who Rocks The Party That Rocks Your Body?

The impending birthday bash proves to be a topic of breakfast-based conversation at any number of locations, as David and Keith sip coffee in front of CNN and discuss the invitation they've just received. David indignantly repeats Nate's claim that no one ever does anything for Ruth's birthday, but Keith figures that going to the party would be more fun than staying home and watching porn. That's a questionable assumption at best, I would think, but David seems resigned to attending nonetheless. "That reminds me," adds Keith. "You gotta return The Gaytrix to Video West." Hee! Jokes about David's porn habit never fail to crack me up, but still. The Gaytrix? Was that really the best title they could come up with? What about U-469? The Legend of Tea-Bagger Vance? Hell, what about Tranny Get Your Gun, for God's sack? And just because I believe in always citing my sources, I'll tell you that the website I Googled to find those titles ( proudly features the Six Feet Under Season One DVD set, right there on the very same home page that also offers copies of Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang, Bareback Barracks Buddies, and The Rules of Attraction.

Cut to a fish tank, which has one of those bubbling air filters lying on the gravel, only this one is fashioned to look like an inordinately large set of smiling, disembodied lips and teeth. That seemed unnecessarily surreal on the first viewing, and now that I know we're in a dentist's office for this scene it's actually even more disturbing for some reason. Obviously intent on proving that her sons' assertions about not celebrating her birthday are accurate, Ruth has decided to spend her special day getting a root canal or some such. She's also brought Kathy Bates along for the ride, presumably to provide the kind of companionship that only Kathy can. Example: "Somebody want to tell me why I should give a rat's ass what's in Salma Hayek's purse?" Um, because there's a really good Edward Norton joke in there somewhere, even if I just can't find it right now? The ladies discuss the upcoming festivities that Lisa is planning for them, and then Kathy reveals that Ruth's sister Sarah has been gallivanting around in rehab with an unnamed celebrity who once "fucked Michael Douglas." Hmm. Is it Sharon Stone? Kathleen Turner? Or is this where that Edward Norton joke has been hiding all this time? Frustrated with the long wait they've had to endure, Kathy gets up to Kathy the receptionist, who's played by Buffy's demon former college roommate. I'm sure the actress has a name, but this is TWoP, and here she'll forever be Buffy's demon former college roommate. I'm sure her parents are very proud. Ruth eventually has to physically drag Kathy out of the office to prevent things from getting out of hand, although she does humorously insist that she'll call to reschedule at a more convenient time.

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