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Who Rocks The Party That Rocks Your Body?

Formaldehyde Fortress. David and Nate swing by the slumber room to check out the progress on the set that's being constructed. After David uses some more of his eclectic opera knowledge to clear up Nate's confusion about the set's Asian theme (Puccini was Italian, but Turandot is set in China), ACC comes over to chat the two of them up a bit. "Bob was much more of a formalist than I am," he tells them. "But I think he would have liked it." "I know he would have liked THAT," he adds, scoping out a nearby worker. "You could serve breakfast off that ass." Heh. ACC goes on at great length about the legendary sexual prowess of the DGDJ, leaving David somewhat disquieted and Nate displaying nothing more than amused nonchalance. "How did they ever last for twenty-two years?" wonders David, once ACC takes off to provide some personalized construction instruction to the owner of the aforementioned Egg McMuffin Ass. "It's easy when you get to fuck whoever you want all the time," replies Nate, who really should know better than almost anyone just how untrue that statement really is. The scene ends with ACC telling Mr. Moons Over My Hammy to "hand me that Makita." Which, of course, sounds just like "Mikado," thereby making it about as close as this world of ours will ever get to a truly effective power-tool/opera pun.

Upstairs in the kitchen, Claire is feeding Maya while Lisa works at the sink. They're discussing JP and all his "squirrelly" ways, and Lisa has this sage dating advice to offer: "Nate used to be like that. Sometimes you just have to hang in there and wait." "Wait for what?" wonders Claire. "For them to grow up," answers Lisa. Aww. See? Lauren even makes Lisa likable. She's just that good, people. Ruth enters the kitchen, and demands to be put to work because she'd rather be busy than sitting around. Personally, I think she just likes wearing the apron, and she ties one around her waist as Claire apologizes repeatedly for the fact that she has to attend a seminar for her art class that evening. Lisa, of course, has a minor hissy fit right there at the sink when she discovers that Claire won't be attending her perfect (perfect!) party. Oh, well. So much for likable. She does, however, save herself somewhat when Ruth mentions that chickpeas give her gas and Lisa mutters under her breath, "This is an unusually gassy family." Hee! Ruth compliments Lisa's dress with the boundless good cheer of someone who's just recently had an orgasmic experience, and even comes over to give her an apron of her own to protect it. The scene's big punchline comes when Nate enters the kitchen and both mother and daughter-in-law turn to greet him, complete with identical hair-dos, aprons, and facial expressions. Heh. I think Nate might be calling Melfi at any moment.

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