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Back at the Body Shop, the brothers are bickering over buying a replacement casket for the Titan Nate sold. Rico enters, and interrupts them to break the news that he and Vanessa are buying the house. Then he asks to borrow eleven thousand dollars. Dude, my boss wouldn't even lend me five bucks to buy lunch on the day before payday, so I'm not sure why Rico thinks this is a good idea. Surprisingly, however, David seems at least somewhat understanding, and he shocks both Nate and Rico by promising to have an decision on the loan by the next day.

Cut to Nikolai The Flower Guy's Shoppe For Roses, Lilies, And Wayward Characters In Search Of The Meaning Of Life. Ruth and Robbie (and aww, I missed Joel Brooks) are arranging flowers, and Robbie has something he wants to say. Basically he forgives her for "destroying the natural order of the universe," and for the fact that, "for his own carnal reasons," Nikolai prefers Ruth to Robbie. Ruth doesn't feel she needs forgiveness, however, and the conversation turns a bit testy before Robbie can bring up what he really wants to talk about. It seems he's graduating from something called "The Plan," which is a "multi-disciplined course that allows you think way beyond yourself and rebuild your life from the ground floor, plank by plank," and he wants her to be there. "That sounds awful," replies Ruth. I'll say. I'm reserving judgment on this plotline for the time being, but if it ends up just being yet another excuse for Ruth to occasionally blurt out inappropriately touchy-feely sentiments, I'm going to feel like the foundation for my intimacy with this show has been betrayed. After much awkward fumbling and repressing of emotions, Ruth agrees to attend the ceremony.

And now here's where the Michael C. Hall lovers start wearing out their VCRs. The brothers are all done up in their fancy suits, and walking into a room whose contents cause David's face to light up with joy and amazement. We reverse to see what they're looking at, and it turns out to be a huge wall display of various casket types. An obsequious Alan-Cumming-wannabe salesman extols the unit's virtues, leading Nate to grudgingly admit that it is "impressive." "Impressive?" says David. "It's fucking gorgeous!" Hee! "It's a completely interactive retail experience," explains the salesman. "Because human beings? We're tactile. We like to touch the fruit before we buy." David is practically giggling with glee as he convinces Nate that they should use the last of the money they got from Mom to buy the unit and fix up the second viewing room. After Nate's wildly effective haggling head tilt gets the salesman to knock $1,500 off the price without even saying a word, they agree to make the purchase. "You really like it?" asks Nate. "Who wouldn't!" exclaims David, as he starts opening the unit's drawers and playing with his new toy.

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