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She opens it to finally reveal the long mysterious Trevor, who looks sort of like a cross between Chris Noth and a scruffy Ken Olin. There are introductions all around, as Brenda finally meets the new wife and also somewhat pointedly forgets to introduce Nate. As Brenda heads off to pour much-needed glasses of wine for everyone, we see Trevor and his incredibly loud and obnoxious child sharing a tender father/son moment. Nate seems moved by this, but Brenda appears more threatened than anything else. Cut to later, as Brenda and The Wife chat in the kitchen. The Wife is complaining about having to be on Politically Incorrect with Kobe Bryant and "that emaciated chick from The Practice". Damn, even Ragdoll is getting shout-outs this week. Then they both confess to having read each other's book (Brenda's being Charlotte: Light And Dark), and The Wife quizzes her about being "a classic borderline personality." Brenda claims (somewhat self-servingly, to my eyes at least) that she went to the library and looked up the symptoms just to mess with her doctors' heads. Because we all know that Brenda doesn't have any REAL mental problems; she's just faking it all the time. Of course she is. The Wife thinks that the "borderline personality" diagnosis is really just "a misogynistic attempt to pathologize women who refuse to toe the patriarchal line." Oddly enough, that's exactly how I feel about Mind of the Married Man.

In the living room meanwhile, the menfolk are discussing more manly pursuits, namely rock-climbing. Both Nate and Trevor have climbed at some of the same places, but Trevor had to give it up because he's got to think about his kid now instead of just himself. After some awkward silence, they switch to the topic of Brenda, and Trevor reminisces about how much smarter than him she was. I don't really have a hard time believing that. Then he adds that "everybody expected such great things from her," and we all take a moment to feel sad for the vast reservoir of untapped potential that is Brenda Chenowith. Not that we've ever really seen said potential, but we sure have been told a lot about it. Then Trevor asks about Billy, and I'll give Tuc Watkins credit for having a facial expression that really says it all as he remembers just how creepy the Creepy Jesus can be.

And now the scene that never ends shifts to the dinner table, as Brenda fills everyone in on how she got into shiatsu. Trevor remarks that the masseuse at his health club is really "gifted," then adds in another "gif-TED" just to make sure we get it. Of course, it's not until they discover that Nate is a funeral director that they're really impressed. "What makes one decide to want to become a funeral director?" asks Trevor. "I was born into it," replies Nate. "It's sort of like being born into the Mafia." Everyone laughs excessively and inappropriately at this little "joke," and then the annoying little kid comes up to Nate and starts driving a Matchbox car all over his leg. As he stares at the little moppet, Nate gets another flashback to Number 22, which is then interrupted by the kid shrieking directly into the camera. The Wife scoops him up and hustles the screaming kid out of the house, saying, "Sometimes he becomes completely irrational just to get attention." "Hell, sometimes I do that," answers Brenda. Heh.

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