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Poo II: While Poo Were Sleeping

Claire and Anita watch the garage sale as Vanessa watches Rico watch some dancing music box thing because we're moving into latter-show hazy metaphor where everything is a German art film and nothing has to make sense.

Keith strolls into Celeste's dressing room and watches Celeste conducting her interview with Ellen. I'm not recapping one more iota of Michelle Trachtenberg than I have to, so I'll merely say that Keith takes this opportunity to sit down on the couch in her dressing room and eat a piece of cheese. You're fired. A shot of Nate having evil behind sex with Sexy Single Mom (whoa!) and we're back at Ellen. Celeste returns to her waiting limo as Keith's boss walks up to him and asks him if he used the bathroom in Celeste's dressing room. When Keith confirms that he did, Bossman sets down the rules: "Do not use the client's can. Ever." It's true. And it's not a class thing, either. It's just quid pro quo. Whenever Michelle Trachtenberg is at my house, I kindly ask her not to use my restroom, either. And then as soon as she's gone, I wipe the whole place down just in case there are any lingering signs of Eurotrip on the floors and surfaces. Because that shit'll kill you.

Ruth and George sit under two umbrellas at the waning garage sale, as Ruth admits that she thinks she knows who the super duper pooper is. "I believe it was Arthur." She fills George in that Arthur quit after he was confronted, and that she and Arthur used to have a thing that "wasn't a relationship. But we did care deeply for one another." George asks if their similar interests included sex, and Ruth explains that it wasn't like that at all, and that they just "nuzzled." When he asks for clarification, she leans in and puts her head against his ear, which cracks George up and I don't hate him right now at all. And then he says, "It's called folie à deux. Two people confusing a momentary insanity for love," and I hate him again.

See, now this is not good. Nate is still safely ensconced in Sexy Single Mom's house. He steps out of the shower and crawls back in bed, and Sexy Single Mom is soon to enter the room and inform him that "Jaden and I have to go meet some people at the Grove in a few minutes." Ooooh, bring me back a Jamba Juice and an $11 movie ticket. To anything. Sexy Single Mom chides, "Did you get my bed all wet?" and Nate volleys, "I thought you were coming back." She smiles and puts in an earring, saying, "I wish." So things are still going well. But then, he lies back in bed and offers to "pop in a movie" and still be there when she gets back. She laughs awkwardly, and when he asks where her soft, soft sheets are from, she levels him, "I need you to leave." He wraps himself in the sheets and stands up, basically freaking out, "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm doing this. You have to leave. We'll go." She asks him if he's okay, and tells him she'll be waiting for him downstairs. He sits down on the bed and then lies back down, hiding under the sheets. Everything glows white and he's on a bed in the slow because one arty shot of a bed from Eternal Sunshine didn't get used in the movie and here, Nate, you're desolate of soul and we get it.

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