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Poo II: While Poo Were Sleeping

The wheels on the bus go round and round! Round and round! Round and round! The wheels on the bus go round and round! All through the town! I know some of them can't even speak the language yet, but try and stick to one key, if you can. We're back at baby group singing the incorrect melody for the song as Nate and Sexy Single Mom make some serious eyes at each other because the single parents on the bus go bang bang bang! Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang! The single parents on the bus go bang bang bang! All through the town.

Keith "Trust The Slow Man's Shield" Charles stands in front of a CD player in his and David's apartment listening to the afterbirth of Ashlee Simpson blast from the speakers and pronounces, "Not bad." And this is just the introduction to the Opposite Sketch. David nods in agreement -- don't encourage her, Barth -- and asks Keith, "If Jessica Simpson is the poor man's Britney, what's Celeste?" Keith speaks with great knowledge of his future security detail, explaining, "Her music is supposed to be an inspiration to young girls." Like so many people who have worked entirely in an industry that exists entirely to support others, Keith has already developed total Stockholm Syndrome toward Ms. Celeste, where you wake up one day long after you're done working on something and you're all, "I can't believe I told people that Along Came Polly was an amazing movie. What was I thinking?" If you are assigned to protect the safety/reputation/wardrobe choices of a person you're told is talented, you will eventually begin believing that that person is talented. Keith proves this further by saying that this fictional Celeste is like "Xtina, but without the ass hanging out of the chaps," which allows for David's response, "I'd like to see your ass hanging out of some chaps." To ensure that David will not think of Keith in a sexual way ever again, Keith begins dancing to the song in an exceedingly Benes-esque way, which David cautions him not to do "in front of Celeste." Keith sings along, adding his own lyrics, "Shave my legs for free," and David laughs that he doesn't think those are the words before jumping on the couch and joining him as lord of the dance because Cher won't be having another farewell tour for at least the next six weeks and gay men haven't elected a new pop icon in almost fifteen minutes. Come on, gays! Be more cutting-edge! Ergh. This is what happens when you allow them to marry.

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