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Poo II: While Poo Were Sleeping

Jimmy's Continuity-Challenged Thing. And remember, this is a theme party, so dress as your favorite continuity challenge, like maybe come as Claire-at-the-wrong-age, or Brenda's father, or Lisa's jawbone or something. It's in some kind of loft-like space, and a guy in overalls wearing no shirt underneath answers the door. I guess if by "Matthew Barney" you mean "guy in a beefcake fireman's calendar. On a very, very, very short month." Jimmy holds a cigarette between his teeth and opens the door to reveal Claire and Anita on the other side. "Well, it's about fucking time!" he shouts. "Everybody kept asking me when are Claire and Anita getting here, and I'm all how the fuck do I know?" Yeah. That storied unit of "Claire and Anita" always shows up together to these periodic events in the one week they've known each other. Hellos are exchanged and bong hits provided as Russell sits on a nearby couch looking moustache-y and grouse-y, when up from behind Claire comes Mena "Loser" Suvari and puts her hands over Claire's eyes because Faux Lesbian Peek-A-Boo is sweeping the faux-lesbian nation.

Okay, this? Is kind of brilliant. Russell, who apparently now fronts a band, sings a very, like, Eight Inch Nails version of "Froggy Went A-Courtin'," which is in real life a sometimes bluegrass, sometimes children's song that the music supervisor for SFU chose because it's in the public domain and therefore free to perform in whatever form desired. The Three Faux-Lesbians Of The Apocalypse sit on a nearby couch looking horrified, but I say they should just be glad they're not being serenaded with an alt-metal version of "Camptown Races." Claire complains about pot's effect on her at parties, and rather than just not smoke pot at parties, she tells us, "For one, I know that if I feel any vibe about any guy, I know it means red flag. Red flag. Beyond that, I basically just hate everyone...but I'm also so tired of hating everything." Edie wants to show us what hating everything really means, so she jumps up off the couch, grabs Jimmy's guitar out of his hands, and rips the microphone from Russell's hand. "Focus!" she yells. "The person on stage needs to be looked at." Russell comes to sit next to Claire, but she ignores him entirely, asking Anita, "Does she do this kind of thing all the time?" Anita answers, "All the time." Amazing that Claire has never seen her at any of these parties she's so tired of going to. Claire watches as Edie jerks off the guitar and screams, "Yeah, baby" over and over again. No. There's really no better way I have to describe it than that.

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