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Lisa, meanwhile, is doing laundry and sniffing the crotch of Maya's jumpers. Um, is that something that all mothers do, or is she just acting weirder than normal? And do I really want to know the answer to that question? Either way, she clearly doesn't like whatever she smelled, because she angrily calls Ruth to ask if she's been feeding peanut butter to the baby. Ruth acknowledges giving the kid an occasional fluffernutter, and Lisa freaks out. "You never give babies peanut butter under the age of one!" she shouts. "They can develop horrible allergies." "But…but…it's the official snack-food of Sunday Nights on HBO!" cries Ruth. "How could that be bad for her?" Lisa calms down a bit and apologizes for being so abrupt, but she gets upset all over again when Ruth offers to come over and help with the baby. "I hardly saw Maya at all yesterday," she tells her. "I really just wanted it to be the two of us today." Ruth is crestfallen, and I'm beginning to wonder if Lisa might not need to hire Lauren's lawyers to draft a quick restraining order to keep Ruth away.

David's audition for the Gay Men's Chorus provides us with a perfect musical accompaniment for the final montage. As he gives an anxious but still effective performance, we see Keith in his security guard uniform, fishing what I now know is an opossum out of a swimming pool. We also see Nate comforting a bereaved widow, and Ruth hiking through the woods. Gee, I sure do hope she doesn't run into Hiram out there. I also hope people stop emailing me to tell me that it was an opossum.

And then finally we go back to Lisa's apartment, which will be the subject of our first official nickname contest this season. Submit your entries in the "Marry me, Aaron" thread, and you too could receive your very own "tm" in an upcoming recap. Incidentally, we'll also be holding a much larger contest later in the season, where the winner will receive a TWoP messenger bag donated by the lovely and talented Johanna, whom I'm assured by several reliable sources actually does exist. Nate, meanwhile, is actively questioning his own existence, and waxing philosophical about all the strange turns his life has taken. "Things happen the way they're meant to," declares Lisa, and our weekly psychobabble quotient is promptly filled by the ensuing debate about fate vs. free will. They move to the bed, and suddenly they're mimicking the positions we saw them in during the alternate reality sequence that opened the show. Lisa repeats her line of dialogue about watching Maya jerk before she falls asleep, and Nate is confused to find himself repeating his own line about her freaking out. He finishes her next sentence for her, and then looks deep into her eyes as he tells her that he must have dreamed about this exact moment. Lisa smiles the blissful smile of a stalker who's finally landed her target, and we slowly fade to white as the happy parents hover over their incredibly large-headed child.

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