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But at least the new Nate still suffers from anvilitis. Thank God for that. Sort of. He and Lisa emerge from the party, but she soon notices that he "totally grabbed the wrong bag." He turns to trot back to the house, and the director holds this weird and superficially pointless shot just long enough for us to suspect that "grabbing the wrong bag" might actually be a metaphor for the suddenly changed direction Nate's life has taken. Hmm. Foreshadowing, or just padding time in a forty-seven minute episode? You be the judge.

"I feel judged," says David, as he speaks into the camera. Well, that was certainly a fortuitous segue, don't you think? With Nate's fate finally determined, it's now time to see what's been happening with our other characters. First up are David and Keith, who have apparently decided to try couples counseling. And as if that wasn't humiliating enough, their counselor is played by Arye Gross, a man who was last seen attempting to murder his own wife in Minority Report. Arye encourages them each to express their emotions, with David claiming that he feels "criticized" and "inadequate" in addition to the aforementioned "judged." "Now, Keith, what did you hear?" asks Arye when David finishes. "A lot of whining," answers Keith. Heh. He goes on to tell his own tale of woe, which revolves around the fact that he hates his job, and just wants the opportunity to "blow off some steam" when he gets home from work. Yeah. If by "blow off some steam" you mean "yell a lot and then have sex on the living room floor." Speaking of which, Arye next asks about their sex life. "It's kinda great," says David. "Yeah, that part works," agrees Keith. Hee! It's established that David and Keith don't really have a lot of activities that they like to engage in together, especially now that they've stopped playing racquetball due to David's belief that he's not good enough to present Keith with a decent challenge. They also don't seem to have many close friends to hang out with, although David does dispute that claim. "There's a group of independent funeral directors I get together with every month," he explains. What a second. Is he talking about Bobo? MY Bobo? I wouldn't exactly call Bobo a close friend, would you? Anyway, time finally runs out on their session, and Arye encourages them to vocalize their feelings the next time they find themselves in an argument. Oh, yeah. That'll help.

Hey, look! It's a penis! Yep. It just wouldn't be an Aaron recap without one, now would it? Claire is in art class, where they're doing rapid-fire sketches of a nude model in various poses. Seated beside her is a stringy-haired young fellow named Russell, whom I believe will be important in future episodes. As much as it pains me to say this about any scene featuring Lauren Ambrose, nothing else worth recapping actually happens.

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