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So it's back to Nate and Lisa, who return home to Lisa's apartment only to find Ruth there waiting for them. They're not exactly surprised by this development, so it would seem safe to say that Ruth has been applying her own special brand of neediness to Maya's development. Lisa reports that the baby has the hiccups again, and as Nate experiences another flash of déjà vu, Ruth answers that "she gets that from her daddy. He was a very gassy baby." Heh. My mom likes to tell everyone the story of how I was toilet-trained, so I can certainly sympathize with Nate on this one. Suddenly, Catherine O'Hara breezes into the room, bitching about a car that's blocking the driveway, and generally getting off to a quick start as this season's Six Feet Under-certified brassy-bitch archetype (for reference, see previous incarnations such as Dalton-Huntley, Mitzi; Annoying Funeral Stalker, Tracy; and Chenowith, Ma). Now the first time I watched this episode, I didn't realize that Lisa was living in Miss O'Hara's guest house, so I couldn't understand why she would be so concerned about someone blocking the driveway. Of course, now that I do know, this scene still doesn't make a whole lot of sense, mostly because the character is so over the top that she actually makes Billy seem sane. Catherine name-drops her dinner with Penny Marshall that evening, and then asks Lisa to cook for an "impromptu gathering" she's throwing the next night "for a few close friends [she] wants to try out a pitch on." Of course, by "few" she actually means "thirty," and by "close friends" she actually means "people not named McG," but we'll get to that part in a few minutes. For now, Lisa leaves, and Ruth promises to watch the baby for as long as necessary.

Before anything else can happen, however, Nate's cell phone rings. It's Rico, and before he says even a single word, I'm already telling his hair to shut up. It's parted in the middle now, presumably to better connote "partner," and when paired with the new "executive" speaking voice he's affected, it makes an already annoying character flat-out unbearable. So let's all take a moment here to thank our own personal deities that Brenda never slept with Rico during last season's descent into nymphomania. Can you even begin to imagine the depths of hatred I would feel for the spawn of such an unholy union? Yeah. I knew you could. Anyway, Rico whines a lot. Fade to white.

We fade back up on the sign outside The Formaldehyde Fortress, which now reads "Fisher & Diaz." Aww. Somehow I think The Late Nate would actually be happy to see that. He certainly liked Rico more than either of his two sons ever will. Inside, David is asking Claire all about art school. "Yesterday we had to draw a naked guy for thirty seconds," she reports. "That sounds like fun," he replies. Heh. Nate shows up with Maya at this point, and there's actually a race between David and Ruth to see who can be more excited about the baby. It was close, but I think David might have pulled it out at the finish with a smile so big that his chin almost falls off. "Would you look at this girl!" gushes Nate. "Is that the face of God or what?" "Yeah, well there's some stuff coming out of God's nose," counters Claire. Hee! Ahh, Lauren. I've missed you so. But not enough to violate the restraining orders, so don't get too worried. "You guys, she took the most amazing poop this morning," announces Nate. "It was so perfectly formed, so healthy and compact. Like a regular adult poop." Yeah, you laugh, but two of my closest friends just had babies, and I've already had this exact same conversation with one of them. I wonder how much a vasectomy costs? Anyway, the siblings mock each other for a moment, and then Nate and David realize that they're both too busy to take a body to the crematory later that day. "Can't Rico do it?" asks Nate. "I believe his exact words were, 'No fucking way. I'm not your fucking gopher anymore,'" answers David. Everyone all together now: Shut up, Rico. Nate tries to convince Claire to take the job for them, and even wins over David by pointing out that the $50 he's offering her is less than it would cost to pay a delivery service. Lauren Ambrose, meanwhile, perfectly splits the difference between being happy that her brothers are including her in the family business and creeped out at the thought of dealing so personally with a corpse. She eventually accepts, although she does insist that she can't do it until later, because she has to practice drawing a "perfect circle" for her art class (SttM = 1,623).

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