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Death in the Family

Commercial. It's for a "wound filler" that's "faster setting" and "self-sealing." This time we go from commercial to dream sequence, as Nate lies in bed and imagines getting hit by a bus. Downstairs, Claire is at the breakfast table reminiscing to Mom about a stuffed dog she used to have that ended up on the roof. Dad refused to get it down for her because he felt that if she really wanted it, she never would have thrown it up there in the first place. "You father did so many wonderful things for you, and that's all you can think of right now?" asks Mom. Just as Nate enters and takes a seat at the table, Mom has an outburst of her own, throwing down her dish towel and screaming that "[their] father was a good man!" She runs off crying, which prompts Nate to run off to go running.

In the basement, David is using the previously advertised wound filler to repair the damage to his father's face. The Late Nate Sr. leans over his shoulder to feed on his other son's insecurities as well. "Oh no, you're doing me? You're the worst one we've got." "I need to stay busy right now," replies David, but Dad advises him to "go reorganize some files or come up with a new bookkeeping system. That's what you're good at. You never really had any aptitude for this stuff." David agrees that he really doesn't, which leads him to wonder why he chose to dedicate his life to something he's not very good at. "Other kids my age were going to frat parties," he sighs wistfully, "and I was draining corpses and fashioning severed ears out of wax." Dude, I've been to a few frat parties, and that's pretty much what they're like. "I did it all for you," says David as Federico enters to find him talking to a corpse. "I did it to make you happy, you ungrateful son of a bitch." Federico clears his throat, and an embarrassed David shuts up and gets back to work on the body.

Cut to Krause jogging through a cemetery, and Alan Ball re-uses every last one of the directorial tips and techniques he picked up hanging out on the American Beauty set. As he stops to catch his breath on a street corner, Nate looks up to see an approaching city bus. Calmly stepping out in front of it, he awaits the inevitable impact, and ends up splattered all over the pavement. The driver quickly jumps out of the now stopped bus, and we see Nate lying on the street, with a superfluous seepage of blood coming from the back of his head. Cut from superfluous seepage to needless nudity, as Nate dreams he's gone into the light and found his father playing strip poker with a handful of excessively ugly extras. A quick cut back to the corner establishes that this was all yet another dream.

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