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Death in the Family

When Nate returns to the hallway, Mom is concerned about the appearance of the corpse, and how much "reconstruction" might be required. "David's not that skilled at the really hard stuff," she worries, and then goes on to ask, "You don't think we'll have to have a closed casket, do you? I would hate to send that message...That we're not equipped to handle a major restoration, or that we're not proud of our work." Brenda uncomfortably watches all this, and finally Claire jumps in to hustle Mom out to the car. The two lovebirds watch them go, and then chat for a minute about how cowardly they both are. "I don't know if I can handle this," sighs Nate. Brenda reaches out to stoke his stubble as if mesmerized by its alluring thatch. "Well, you're about to find out," she tells him. She adds, "I wish you the best, Nate," and then slowly walks away.

In the Corpse Machine, Claire is driving the family back home. Nate, obviously concerned about her driving skills at the moment, suggests slowing down. I guess he really has been away from his family for a while. Anyone with a little sister of his own knows that's only going to make her do one thing: speed up. Nate yells out, "Pull over!" and this time she listens. As they walk around back to switch sides, he tries to stage a little intervention, but Claire isn't having it. "You're not my father," she snots. "You split as soon as you could. You don't even know me. So don't think you can start telling me what to do." So, just to be sure, everyone's up to speed on all this, right? Remember: Mom and David are control freaks, Claire is wild, and Nate's the flake that got away. If you're confused, don't be afraid to ask questions. I'd hate to think anyone was getting lost.

Back home, David sits on the front stairs, anxiously awaiting the family's arrival. When he hears the door, he quickly stands and assumes his funeral pose: standing straight, jacket buttoned, hands clasped in front of him. As soon as everyone enters, David asks whether they brought Dad's body back with them. Mom apologizes, saying that she completely forgot, and that it was "very stupid of [her]." When she trudges off to her room, Nate starts in on his brother: "Nice going, Dave. Like she doesn't have enough to feel bad about?" "Things have to be done," replies David, whipping out his cell phone. "Every second we wait will only make Dad's restoration more difficult. But you wouldn't know about that, would you, Bag Boy?" Nate is obviously indignant at the occupational insult, and insists that he's the Assistant Manager of blah blah something that basically means bag boy. Claire storms past, cracking on their macho antics, and Nate sets up the joke you just know Ball feels cleverest about: "What were we supposed to do? Throw him in the back of Claire's car?" he inquires, thus allowing David to respond, "Well, it is a hearse!"

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