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Death in the Family

Upstairs, Mom brings Claire some dinner, but she's apparently not interested in eating. "We have to eat, Claire," declares Mom. "We didn't die." She leaves the food and stomps out, slamming the door behind her.

Cut to the Asian orderly, once again sliding the body from the freezer. He and David load it onto a gurney.

As Dave gathers his strength for the task ahead, we fade to the second commercial of the evening. This one is for an embalming fluid that promises to deliver "a body that's firm yet flexible," and "the velvety appearance of actual living tissue." It's worth noting that David's commercial is the only one to feature an attractive, scantily clad (albeit presumably dead) man lounging about on a leather recliner.

We go from commercial to flashback, as young Nate Jr. descends the steps into his basement and a haze of bad Blair Witch cinematography. We see quick cuts of a corpse being drained and prepared for burial as Nate slowly sneaks into his father's workroom. When Dad -- who's wearing shorts, black socks, and a heavy apron -- spots his boy, he eagerly welcomes him into the room and delivers a nice little paternal speech explaining his job. Little David makes an appearance as well, and there's more surreal, 7th Heaven On The River Styx-style family fun. Dad leans over the body, offers Nate a pair of neon blue surgical gloves, and says, "You can touch him if you wear one of these. He won't care. Go ahead." Dad's ashtray, by the way, is balanced precariously on the corpse's crossed arms.

Cut to the present, as a grown-up Nate watches their corpse-restoration specialist Federico working on his father's body. Upon seeing Nate, Federico hammers a figurative final nail into the coffin of the whole "wassup!" frenzy before remembering to express his condolences. David enters as well, and thanks Federico for coming in on Christmas Eve to do the work. "It's the least I could for Mr. F.," says the other Mr. F., suturing a wound in his former boss's chest. "I was gonna be up all night anyway, putting together all this useless shit Santa Claus is bringing my kid." David tells him to watch the language (which fans of The Sopranos may have noticed I've largely been doing as well), and asks why Nate is there. Before he can get an answer, David's cell phone rings, and a big, black guy with a gun tells him not to eat too much dinner, because he's making something "totally decadent and fatty for dessert." David quickly hustles out into the hallway (only for want of a nearby closet, one would suppose), and confesses he has to cancel their plans for the evening. When Keith (the big, black guy) learns the reason, he quickly offers to help in any way he can, but David just says he has to go.

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