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Death in the Family

Back in the basement, Federico is exuberantly showing off some of his finer restorations. He's even got a little wall of fame set up in one corner, with before and after Polaroids of the deceased. It's a picture of his young son, however, that he deems "his best work." He reveals that the wife is pregnant with #2, and he and Nate take a moment to celebrate. David comes back to interrupt their moment of levity, and indulges his more anal tendencies by reminding Federico to "keep an eye on those chemicals. We don't want him to burn." Sadly, the "anal" pun was intended, though no less unfortunate.

Upstairs, Claire is spreading glue on her fingers and peeling it off. Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to sniff. Nate comes by and tries to strike up a conversation, but Claire's bad mood gets the better of her and she drives him away. He heads to the kitchen, where he comes across a grocery list with his "soy stuff" on it. Claire appears behind him, looking apologetic, and he invites her to go to the store with him.

Once there, Claire chugs iced tea right out of the bottle, and Brenda calls for a quick chat on Nate's cell phone. He admits that he's happy to hear from her, because she has some sort of a "calming effect" on him. They banter about psychobabble, and he proceeds to deliver a quick expert analysis of her, which basically boils down to the fact the she's rebelling against her parents. She then turns the tables on him and asserts that "coasting by on [his] looks and charm isn't working like it used to, but [he] has no idea what else to do because [he's] never had to learn." And if the posts in the forums are any indication, he never will. I don't think I've ever seen so many women going nuts over a guy. Of course, I've also never seen so many guys going nuts over a guy as there are in the Michael C. Hall thread, so I guess it all balances out in the end. I just hope no one tries to start one of those bizarro Survivor games like the one in the Dawson's forum, or things could get ugly. Speaking of ugly, I would have suggested someone pulling a Skupin on young Leery, but we all know how hard grease fires can be to put out, so maybe that's not the best idea. Brenda hangs up on him in anger, and Claire immediately comes over and asks to go home so she can take a shower. "Jesus Christ! Am I not allowed to have even a single moment to myself?" Krause exclaims, which causes Claire to snap and smash a cantaloupe to the ground. Nate once again tries to comfort her, but when a passing sales clerk mentions that she'll have to pay for the fruit, she flips out yet again.

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