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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

It's never good when the opening scene contains characters we know. Unless, of course, one or more of those characters is annoying. In this case, Ruth's sister Sarah is hiking along a high canyon ridge. Her friend Fiona is winded and lagging behind a bit, but she says she's glad Sarah got her out of the house. Sure, she says that now, but we all know that at least one of these two women is going to end the scene at a much lower altitude than she's currently at. This trail should have a guardrail or something. Fiona wobbles, but Sarah's too excited over the view they're about to enjoy to even consider slowing down: "We're moments from the top, mere moments!" Sarah's boot slips in a pothole in the trail, but she fails to either plummet to her death or warn Fiona that she's about to plummet to hers. Which she does. Although we don't see the actual plummeting. She just starts to slip, and then we cut to Sarah, hearing Fiona gasp. Sarah calls to the now-empty trail behind her. So much for Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt (1952-2005). Yes, that one. Fifteen-year-old boys all over the Southland can breathe a little easier tonight. Because, you know, they won't be all tired out from having a bunch of sex.

It's a hectic morning with David and Keith and the kids. That's right, Anthony and Durrell have already moved in. Time sure flies between episodes on this show, doesn't it? The men are struggling with getting the kids' lunches packed while the boys struggle with…each other, making a big mess. Keith, who's already stressed out from trying to deal with all the pieces that go into your standard sack lunch, angrily separates them and says it's time to go. Durrell throws Keith a bunch of attitude over being told to wear his jacket, a situation which perennial middle child David naturally defuses by sending the kids off to brush their teeth. "It's like he wants me to lose my temper," Keith carps, and David says to give Durrell time. Keith says it's been two weeks. He's also not impressed when David reminds Keith of Durrell's background: "My sister's a drug addict. Taylor never acted like this." David explains that being a girl, Taylor "isn't hardwired to be aggressive and territorial." You know, like David is. "It's the reason she doesn't have the same problem with your father that you do." "So now everything that happened between me and my father is my fault?" Keith snaps. Before it can get any uglier, Anthony appears back in the kitchen, announcing that Durrell now has an issue with his hat. "I'll be in the car," Keith grumbles, and walks out past Anthony without sparing the boy a glance. David smiles at Anthony as reassuringly as he can. Not a good sign; only two weeks and they're already playing good cop/bad big black sex cop.

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