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Rainbow Of Her Reasons

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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

Over at David and Keith's, the kids are roughhousing. Rassling. Getting up to some tomfoolery. Cutting up didos. I have no way of saying that that doesn't make me sound like someone's grandfather. David is trying to restore some order in the living room before the Social Worker arrives. There's a knock at the door. "Wait one second before you open that!" David tells Keith. Keith doesn't even wait that long. The Social Worker comes in, cell phone clapped to her melon and handling what appears to be a stressful call, which, if possible, just adds to the level of chaos in the room. After she hangs up, she apologizes to Keith and David. Keith begins, "The boys are not doing well. Not at all." Social Worker's phone goes off, but decides to ignore it as Keith tries to explain the problem. David leaves off trying to separate the boys and trips across the room to say they really just need her feedback. She says she does actually have to take the call she's been trying to ignore, and tells her caller she's almost done with David and Keith. "Will that be it then?" she asks them, after having spared them a total of five seconds of her attention. Keith finally manages to say that he's not sure they're the right match. Hearing that, Durrell stops beating on his brother and starts paying attention. Because I guess he thought Keith was such a big fan of his until now. Social Worker says, "I have never seen these boys doing better. They're flourishing." Keith: "Flourishing?!" David says that's what he thought. Social Worker heads out of there, ignoring Keith's protests. David shows her to the door and walks back over to the now-sullen kids, smirking triumphantly at his partner as he strolls past. Keith bitches, "You know, David, just pretending that something is working doesn't mean it's actually working." David sits with them and tells them everything's going to be okay. Which I bet means he's going to dump Keith. But not this week, because they're done for this episode.

Claire's back at her cube, and someone's made her a little hand-drawn "C. Fisher" nametag for her cube wall. Other Drone asks if Claire's heard from Personnel yet. I believe it's called Human Resources these days. But I don't expect that to be understood by a writer who's also never taken a typing test. "If you have, like, half a brain they'll offer you something permanent," Other Drone chirps. Claire's Perky Cubemate asks if Claire got her present. Claire thinks she means "the e-card with the dancing puppies" ("Yeah, baby," says Nerd Drone for no reason), but Cubemate means her old bathroom pass. Tremendously reluctant to accept even this tiny symbolic token of her assimilation into the corporate hive, Claire tries to decline. But Cubemate insists. "You're gonna love it here, Claire, you really are." Everyone smiles at her. She looks like that's what worries her.

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