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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

Look at all the aging hippies! It's Fiona's viewing already, and the Fisher & Diaz chapel is draped with Tibetan prayer flags and, as previously mentioned, aging hippies. At the back of the room, Rico gets a call on his cell phone and tells Vanessa that sure, he can pick up the kids. And then he shoots a questioning look at Nate, who just heard him tell Vanessa he's on his way. Rico's such a weasel. Nate waves Rico off, sadly failing to call him a fucking idiot again. Exit the weasel.

Nate approaches his mom, whose hair is still down but not completely free, to tell her he's going to take Fiona to the crematorium. Ruth tells Nate that Fiona will appreciate that, completely missing the real sadness on Nate's face, and therefore failing to understand that Nate's not just doing it for Fiona. And thus Billy remains the only character who really understands how much Nate's affected by this. After he moves on, Ruth grabs the arm of Bet-two-na, who just happens to be passing by. She learns that Sarah's already left, and she asks when they're all going up to Topanga for the all-woman commune…weekend…thing. Bet-two-na just looks confused, then laughs, not entirely unkindly. But a little unkindly. Ruth gets it. "Oh, we were joking," she says. Bet-two-na touches Ruth's arm and leaves without another word. Ruth sighs at what a doofus she is and how she's not escaping her workaday life after all. Well, at least she's still got George, right?

Vanessa's doorbell rings. The Federiquitos come in and she sends them off to get ready for their bath, because they've already been in this scene for, like, a whole second. Rico follows the kids inside, his tiny frame bowed under the weight of a giant water jug on his shoulder. He clearly has no idea how significant that is to Vanessa. Vanessa folds her arms and watches him put it down. Thinking he's still in trouble, he turns to leave without a word, but stops abruptly when she asks, "You wanna move back in?" Vanessa explains emotionlessly that she was thinking about it and Rico's right. Rico's amazed; nobody ever tells him he's right. "Wow! Yeah! Thank you so much, Vanessa." She nods and says she's starting dinner, so Rico can do the kids' baths and they'll eat in twenty minutes. Rico excitedly agrees, and carries the water bottle off to the kitchen with such a spring in his step that I suspect the prop people replaced it with an empty one during the close-ups. Vanessa just stands there looking nervous about what she's just gotten herself into.

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