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Rainbow Of Her Reasons

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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

Ruth, holding a laden canvas tote bag and wearing her hair back in its usual bun, knocks on the door of number 314. George answers. He steps out into the hallway and frowns a chilly "Hello" down at her. Ruth says she brought the pots and pans, and George says he followed her suggestion and went to Crate & Barrel and "bought myself another set." He says he's figured it out. "None of your furniture is here, you only brought one change of clothing, no toiletries." Slick, Ruth. I thought she was going to hang out for at least a few weeks; she could have at least created the illusion that she wasn't just parking George there. Plus she knocked on the door of what is supposed to be her own home. I wonder if Maggie told George what Nate told her? I also kind of wonder if it matters. Ruth tries to point out that she brought her soap. George impatiently says that they shouldn't waste any more of each other's time: "I get it. You want to leave me. But first you want to make sure that I have everything that I need, which is very kind and thoughtful as you always were." Ruth starts to say something, and he sadly says it's okay. And that he's starting back at work this semester. "Thanks to you, I have my new apartment, and my pots…my pans. So thank you." Actually, he bought his own damn pots and pans. Ruth looks eighty-seven kinds of busted, and guilty, and shitty-feeling. "I loved you," George says. "You loved me. That was a good thing. Now it's changed. Consider yourself free." And he steps back into his apartment and closes the door in her face. That'll do, Cromwell. Ruth just stands there, shocked, until the bag of pots and pans hits the floor. Man, Nate's never going to get anywhere with Maggie now.

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