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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

What non-work-related aspect of her personal life is Brenda complaining to her boss about today? Well, it's Billy, and his claims to be back on his meds. She bitches, "Like that's all that matters. Is he on, or is he off? He's completely oblivious to the fact that we're all just exhausted. They should call it, like, bipolar asshole disorder." Always something you want to hear from a mental health professional. Jackie says Brenda needs to ask Billy for a break, but Brenda's too worried about her brother to not keep him close. And then she abruptly changes the subject. "People are starting to notice I'm pregnant." What, you think when I said "change the subject" I meant "change the subject to something other than Brenda"? You must be new here. Jackie pulls the disparate threads of this conversation together by saying that Brenda looks beautiful, and by encouraging her to put her energy "where it deserves to be, and let Billy take care of himself." Brenda agrees. Did she take this internship to give therapy or to get it?

Vanessa sits on the couch at home with her sister, who apparently got a part in a sitcom pilot, which they're watching now. Since we can't see any of it, we're left to wonder if Angelica is playing the wacky sister on a Latino show or the wacky Latina neighbor on an Anglo show. I'm sure she's plenty wacky either way. Vanessa checks her watch and says she has to go to the airport soon to pick up the babysitter. Wow, Julio's reputation for being a bad seed has traveled fast if his mom needs to fly someone in. "Au pair," Angelica corrects, which Vanessa says is "too bourgie," so Angelica amends it to "nanny." "This is L.A. Everyone has live-in help," Angelica claims, and asks if Vanessa's mad that she can't help as much any more. Vanessa is supportive, but Angelica says she doesn't want it to be weird for Vanessa, having a stranger in the house, "especially from Saskatchewan. Where is Saskatchewan, anyway?" "Near Calgary, I think," Vanessa says. "To tell you the truth, she can have horns and weigh 300 pounds for all I care. As long as she brings in the water bottles…I just need an adult." Well, at least with Rico gone she has one less kid.

Ruth comes into the Fisher house to the sound of sobbing, and to find a crying Sarah crashed on the living room sofa. With her hiking-booted feet up on the upholstery, no less. I'm surprised we don't get two deaths this episode. Sarah tearfully gives Ruth the news about Fiona. "I know you hated her for what she did to Nate, but we've lost her. She's gone." And Sarah curls up disconsolately in Ruth's lap. Ruth looks momentarily upset at having to deal with yet another person who needs her, until a light bulb goes off over her head. An evil light bulb.

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