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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

Cut to Ruth on the phone in the kitchen a few minutes later, telling George about Fiona's death. "I'm just sick about it," she lies. "Fiona was a very close friend of mine. Very close." George offers to come over. Ruth declines, saying Sarah's in shock. "It's not a pretty scene down here. I think it's only appropriate for family. Of origin." Nice. Right then, of course, Sarah sits up and cries, "People! I need people! Who can we call?" "What did she say?" asks George, and Ruth says Sarah's "jabbering" and "incoherent," and hangs up as fast as she can. Sarah calls for her phone book. As Ruth heads off to get it out of Sarah's bag, Sarah says, "I need to circle the wagons."

Well, Sarah's got one friend in the house already, but of course she's on Rico's table so she's no help to anyone. Down in the Body Shop, David's just gotten a call telling him Durrell pulled a fire alarm at school and now David has to go see the principal. Did anyone bother to ask if there was a fire? Durrell might have saved lives! Probably not, though. "I can't tell Keith," David says. "He's just looking for more proof that these kids are too messed up for us." "You want to keep them?" Rico asks. David says he'd keep Anthony in a heartbeat, although Durrell's a mess. "But what can you expect?…Their dad basically abandoned them." Rico looks away at that, and David apologizes. Rico says he's found his own place, a two-bedroom so the kids can stay overnight. He looks forward to mornings with the boys, and David says he hopes Rico gets the place, if that's what he wants. Rico says, "What I want is to be back home, but I have to take in the reality that it's not going to happen." Which means it's totally going to happen.

Carrying a shitload of luggage, Vanessa leads the boys and their new babysitter/au pair/nanny (who I'm going to be calling Donna, because that's her name) into the house. The kids run ahead, like they always do, because we always have to get the kids out of the scene as quickly as possible. Before the poor girl's even put her coat down, Vanessa grabs a list of duties she's printed out and starts going over it. It starts with doing dishes, and meeting the cable guy, and then she asks, "Do you have those giant water bottles in Canada?" No, Vanessa, they just chip off chunks of their igloos when they get thirsty up there. Vanessa asks Donna to bring in a new bottle whenever the current one is empty. She hands the printout to Donna, who carefully asks, "Would it be okay if I got a little settled in first?" Vanessa apologizes and starts helping to carry Donna's stuff to the back of the house, saying she's just excited that Donna is here. "Help is on the way," Donna says to the woman who's carrying half of her luggage.

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