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Putting the "Wreck" in "Reconciliation"

By now, Sarah's put enough of a dent in that bottle of wine to put her in a state to say, "I killed her. I killed my best friend." Bettina and Ruth tell her she's wrong, and Ruth reminds Sarah that she always says everything happens for a reason. Which sends Sarah off on a rant about all the evil in the world (war, tsunamis, legless grandmothers, Bush reelections), of which she is but one manifestation. "Sarah, no!" Ruth says, but Bettina whispers to let her sister go. Patricia Clarkson didn't get her Oscar, you see, so now she's going for her Emmy. Sarah says it was her idea to go hiking, and she practically dragged Fiona along, even when Fiona declined twice. "What am I, the Antichrist?" She sobs that someone should lock her up or throw her in a hole, and settles down for a good wail. Fade to white/really long night.

In David and Keith's breakfast nook the next morning, Anthony and Durrell open a present from David: it's a PlayStation 2 with Gran Turismo 4. David must have heard somewhere that that's a big game in the "urban market." The gift is obviously a surprise to Keith, who glances over sharply. The kids run off to hook it up while David reminds them they have school in ten minutes. Good timing, David. It'll take them nine minutes to figure out how to hook it up, one minute to get the game going, and they'll spend the entire day at school all excited and distracted. Keith looks at David with annoyance and confusion. "It's just a PlayStation," David says. "All kids have them." You know what's the only thing worse than no commercials? Commercials I have to recap because they're part of the show. Keith objects to the implied message that the kids deserve a prize, "when clearly they don't." David says it's just something fun. "Yeah, good times," says Keith. "That's your answer to everything, Miss Pollyanna." David says he's just trying to make everyone happy. Keith says maybe David should stop trying to make everyone happy and start-- "Oh, shut the fuck up," David snaps. Well, that's a beginning.

It's Claire's first day at work in a high-rise cube farm. Not that there's a window even visible from where she's sitting. She's got on her periwinkle suit over a pink blouse with a sort of built-in cravat like your mom used to wear, and her hair's in an oh-so-professional ponytail. And yes, it turns out that it is funny to stick Claire in pastels. The perky woman sitting across from her passes a birthday card over the low cube wall, insisting that Claire sign it, even though Claire doesn't know the birthday girl. "She won't even read it," offers another drone. "Last year I signed it Hitler? She never said a word." Other Drone then asks the approaching sweater-vested nerd if he's met Claire yet. "Yeah, baby," the Nerd Drone says. "Whassaaap?" I smell workplace violence. Claire answers that she's trying to sign the card, but the Other Drone tells Claire, "He has Tourette's. You just have to say it back to him." Claire does, embarrassed for everyone in the room. Then Perky Cubemate hisses at Claire to give back the card, since the birthday girl's coming. "You can sign it later," Perky Cubemate whispers. Claire is just a big periwinkle-and-pink mass of "whatever."

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