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I Say Quakerism, You Say Aneurysm

The Corpse of the Week scene doesn't even try to fake us out any more these days. Like this week -- a dog-walker gets hit by a car while Rollerblading. It's clear from the opening shot that that's what's going to happen, and that is indeed what ends up happening. You want more detail? Fine: this woman is Rollerblading through a subdivision up in the Hollywood hills somewhere while chatting with a friend on her hands-free cell phone. She's got three big dogs on leashes, and she mentions having to feed a cat later, so we know this is her job. So you think she'd know better than to be skating along in the middle of the street like she is, regardless of the present lack of traffic. She finds herself at the top of a hill which she describes over the phone as "really, really steep." And although she realizes she should take off her skates and walk down, she says, "Call you right back," and takes off down the hill as the dogs hurry to keep up. The road curves to the left and we see it from her point of view, but as if she were wearing blinders and a neck brace because the camera's locked straight ahead. She laughs joyfully, all King Of The World. Finally they reach the bottom and she pants, "Now we're safe!" Right on cue, a car comes out of nowhere and creams her ass. The stuntwoman (or dummy) does a great job of bouncing off the hood and the windshield and crashing to the pavement. The three dogs -- all of whom actually are safe -- slowly approach the body and start barking as we hear the driver get out of his car and scream for help. And Pilar Sandoval (1970-2005) serves as a cautionary tale that high-speed Rollerblading and a freakishly narrow field of vision just don't mix.

Brenda's in her OB's examination room, all ready on the table with a pink sheet draped over her lap. And what's Nate doing? Well, Nate's not there -- Brenda's boss Jackie is. Brenda bitches about Nate's plan to drag her to a Quaker church service that night. Jackie's a little incredulous. Brenda says Nate's done with couples therapy, since they went once and he felt ganged up on (which, I don't know, could be a sign of something, like Nate being WRONG a lot). Jackie says it might help, but Brenda's doubtful, and adds that she wishes Nate would take as much interest in his baby as he does in Quakerism. Jackie points out that Brenda should have made it clear to Nate that she wanted him at the appointment. Which is when Brenda confesses that she didn't want Nate at the appointment -- in fact, she didn't even tell him about it. "I didn't want him here," she says. "It's not good for me, it's not good for the baby." "Huh," says Jackie doubtfully. It's nice to see that Jackie is starting to develop a more healthy level of sympathy for Brenda, i.e., none.

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