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David takes steaks off the kitchen grill as Keith confronts him about Durrell's joyriding. "I knew he did it once," David says. "I didn't know it was a regular thing." Keith asks why David didn't tell him, and David says he "took care of it." Keith tells David to stop babying them. David tells Keith to grab the vegetables and they head out to the dining room for dinner.

Where the kids are already seated, waiting for their meal. "You are grounded, my man," Keith announces to Durrell. "I'm already grounded," Durrell says. David makes a pained expression. "But I wasn't supposed to tell you," he adds. As they sit down to dinner, Keith asks Durrell, "Are you going to pay for that mirror? Two hundred eighty dollars." Durrell: "Man, I'm not payin' for nothing. You pay for it." Keith tells Durrell not to talk to him that way. Durrell shoots back, "I talk to you any way I want to, bitch." Durrell, you idiot. Keith's on his feet, and then so is Durrell, pointing his steak knife at Keith. "Come on, try me, big man!" he threatens. And Keith does. Lightning-fast, he grabs Darnell's knife wrist, spins him around, and forces his face down on the table. Durrell hollers at Keith to let him go, completely unaware how lucky he is that Keith only disarmed him and didn't yank his arm clean off and club him to death him with the wet end. Keith looks over at David, who's frozen in panic. David, if you're ever going to back Keith up, now's the time.

Claire and Lawyer Ted are done with his thing, and they've moved on to her thing, namely, the gallery. The centerpiece of the art show is a giant, red, luminous lollipop, which Claire identifies for Ted as Jimmy's work. "He's the star of our class," Claire explains. "Why?" Ted asks. Claire addresses the question as if he's asking for the meaning of the piece, rather than an explanation of how Jimmy got to be the star, and she obligingly goes into a speech about gigantism and what not. "I like this one," Ted says, moving on to a photo on the wall of a girl blowing soap bubbles. Claire says it's Anita's. "We always thought her work was kind of surface-y," she comments. Nice composition, though. Ted repeats that he likes it, just so we don't miss the significance of Ted's superficiality.

And to point that up even more by contrast, here comes Russell. His mass of greasy hair is gone, probably to throw the neocons off his trail, and he's wearing a knit cap over whatever's left. But Claire recognizes him anyway (and from the back, no less) as he stands at the base of Jimmy's sculpture and contemplates it. It's probably the open bottle of wine he's holding that gave him away. Claire taps Russell on the shoulder and says hey, smiling widely at him. Russell hauls her into a hug long enough for Lawyer Ted to get confirmed to the Supreme Court while he stands there awkwardly. Claire finally pries herself loose and introduces Ted. Russell eyes Ted's lawyer suit and asks, "Are you her Secret Service agent?" Ted cops to it, straight-faced. Russell smiles at him good-naturedly, announcing, "Claire and I went out for a very long time. It ended horribly." Everyone chuckles, though even Ted knows that Russell is kidding on the square. Claire asks how Russell is, and he says, "My work has gone to some amazing places since I got hit by a car." Claire, shocked, asks what happened. Russell says he prefers to "process those emotions through my art." Russell says he's going to find Jimmy, "'Cause I think he's looking for me." And to Lawyer Ted: "I think I saw some evil ninjas down that hallway." Lawyer Ted amiably says he'll check it out. Smiling again, Russell takes his leave. Lawyer Ted gets the scoop on Russell from Claire: "He was my boyfriend, for a while. And then he went gay. And then he ended up with Anita, and I switched to Jimmy, I think. It got kind of confusing." She laughs that he probably thinks she's a freak, but he confesses that he once dated a girl who had a pet donkey. Unless she lived in Tijuana, I don't think that's such a big deal. Isn't there something else potentially embarrassing about himself that he might have mentioned? Oh, yeah, he TRIED TO FILL DIAPERS DURING LAP DANCES.

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