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I Say Quakerism, You Say Aneurysm

Claire and Lawyer Ted walk through the nearly empty office parking garage to her hearse. She says she was nervous about seeing everyone and kind of worried that their lives were moving forward when hers isn't. But on the contrary, "they're all exactly where I left them." Which comes as quite a relief to her. But I suspect that she's also relieved that they didn't call her out for what an asshole she was the last time she saw them. Claire and Ted reach her car, and they both say that they had fun. Awkward pause. Will there be a goodnight kiss? "I'll see you tomorrow," Lawyer Ted says. I guess that would be a no. Maybe the hearse freaks him out.

Ruth lets Ed Begley, Jr. into her house. She's got a new haircut (which is long and flowing free) and a Moroccan meal in her, as well as probably some liquor. And, her cheesy-ass bedroom line notwithstanding, she'll soon have some Begley in her as well. Please forgive me for glossing over this scene, which ends with them making out in the middle of the living room. Fade to white/a depressing sight.

The next morning, Brenda is bitching again, some more, still, to Jackie. And suddenly the clouds part and a heavenly host of angels begins singing the most beautiful music imaginable. Or at least that's what it sounds like to me when Jackie snaps, "Brenda, please shut the fuck up." She says she can't do this any more. "I have to listen my students complain about their problems and when I finally get a break I have to listen to you go on about yours! Honestly, I should tape one of your monologues because you say the same fucking thing every time." Jackie tells Brenda that she has to be the one to change the dynamic of her relationship with Nate. "If you want him to open up to you, you need to open up to him. There. I've said it. Thank God. Now, can we please talk about something meaningless like last night's episode of American Idol? Thank you." Brenda, of course, has never watched American Idol. "Well, let me know when you have, okay?" Jackie says, and leaves the room. Marry me, Jackie. And then marry me again.

Ruth has just finished eating a breakfast that Hiram made for her, which she loved. He says he'll clean up and get going. He's the anti-George! But Ruth has other ideas: "Let's go camping!" Amazed, Hiram asks, "Today?" "Right now," confirms Ruth. Hiram thinks about it for a second. "Okay," he agrees.

Keith and Anthony are in the kitchen, and Keith is packing the kids' lunches. Anthony says Keith doesn't have to do that if he's mad at them. Keith clarifies that he's only mad at Durrell. Anthony says, "Durrell only does bad stuff because he wants to have fun." Keith isn't impressed. "You know," Anthony clarifies, "when you give us back…Everybody always gives us back." Surprised, Keith asks who gives them back. "Our foster parents," Anthony says. "So Durrell wants to have fun while we're here." Keith gets it, although he doesn't particularly look like he wants it. I don't know why he's so shocked, considering he wanted to give them back two weeks in. Do you suppose it would work to explain to Durrell that his behavior is perpetuating a self-fulfilling cycle? Probably not, because kids are stupid.

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