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Back at the Fortress, Nikolai tells his sad, sad story to Ruth, who's clutching the shop's ledger to her chest. He explains about the death of his wife, and glosses over the death of his son so that they can keep that plot point alive for use in the future. For those of you who are curious about Nikolai trivia, his first job in America was cleaning toilets in a movie studio. I hear that's how Alan got his start as well. Nikolai doesn't even know how much he owes anymore, and says that the whole thing is "no different from Moscow." Aww. Poor Nicky. No legs, no money, and a crazy lady for a girlfriend. Then again, we've all been there at some point in our lives, right?

David comes home to find Keith once again slumped on the couch. Putting down the groceries he's carrying, David asks if it's because of the shooting. "Damn, David," snarls Angry Keith. "You're like a fucking broken record about that." Fk=33. David just wants to help, but Keith maintains that he's allowed to feel shitty every now and then. He's also happy that Taylor is gone because he's "sick and tired of taking care of everyone else's fucking problems." Fk=34. David responds to all this with complete calm, and Keith eventually settles down and apologizes for taking out his anger on him. "You can tell me to shut the fuck up," he says (Fk=35), but David claims he doesn't mind, and that we all need to vent sometimes. After a long silence, Keith asks all matter-of-factly if David wants to have sex on the living room floor, and David puts away the groceries so they can do it. Heh.

His discussion with Dad done, Nate returns to Brenda's place for the night. They have a very couple-y conversation where she offers to make him dinner, and then Nate finds Eurotrash Author's book on the coffee table. He opens it to find an inscription which reads, "Enjoyed meeting you. Hope you enjoy this." It's not addressed to anyone, so Brenda claims that she borrowed the book from her mother. Also, if you pause it just right, it sort of looks like the inscription actually reads, "Enjoyed mounting you," which would be equally accurate. And as we realize how badly Brenda wants to be caught for her indiscretions, we fade to white.

Fade back up on the only time we'll see the DGDJ's face this week. Father Jack is conducting the funeral, with the daughters and their family on one side of the room, and Trophy Wife Dina on the other. In the back, Nate and David stand in their positions, and David asks Nate if he's feeling okay. Nate responds that he didn't sleep much the night before, and David continues his transition into Ruth by pestering him about taking care of himself. He also asks Nate if he's been avoiding getting "stressed out," and Nate shrugs off the irony of it all by saying he's doing the best he can. They're joined by Dina at this point, who thanks them for putting together a beautiful service. She also apologizes for the fight in Das Sargzimmer, and says that she's "just so fucking angry [Fk=36]. He shouldn't have died. He was still young." Brain shot. She sobs some more, and Nate gives her a long hug until she gets herself under control. Then she admits that she bought the crypts on either side of the DGDJ, just so that she could be buried next to him and the daughters can't. Heh. She agrees to come in the next day and make all the arrangements in advance, and Nate and David shared an impressed smile as she walks away.

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