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Well, it looks like that rehab center must have one-hour service, because Karla is all cleaned up and calling around to find a job. But then Taylor walks in holding a specimen cup, and things get real ugly, real quick. I can't believe anyone on this planet would stoop so low as to have their daughter pee in a cup for them. I also can't believe that Taylor isn't smart enough to have figured out what's going on. I guess she's only precocious when it's funny. Or when it's related to gay sex. ["Or she knows exactly what it's for, but it'll keep her and her mother together, so she's doing it anyway." -- Sars] Anyway, Karla thanks her for helping out, and tells her daughter that she'll have to do this twice a week.

David once again enters Keith's place with a grocery bag, only this time he's surprised to find that Keith is at home. Apparently Keith's schedule got switched, and now he wants to know what's in the bag. David reluctantly sets it down and explains that it's just some things he wanted to keep there, since he's been spending so much time at Keith's place. The bag contains, among other things, a toothbrush, some Prevacid for his acid-reflux, a bite guard so that he doesn't grind his teeth, a hypoallergenic buckwheat pillow, and some earplugs for when Keith snores. You know, there's about nine million jokes I could make here, but almost all of them would get me slapped with a lawsuit by an ex-girlfriend who I know reads the site, so I'm not even going to go there. "Are you moving in?" asks Keith. "Because I don't remember discussing you moving in." "I'm not moving in," says David. "Jesus, are you paranoid, or what?" Keith stares him down some more, and David insists that he still has his own place. "Would you like me to go there now?" he adds, before Keith says no and leans in to give him a little kiss. "I made dinner," he tells David. "Oz is on." A perplexed David wonders if the term "mixed messages" means anything to Keith, who quickly admits that he was just teasing. "I'm just fucking with you, fool," he laughs [Fk=37]. "I think you should move in…what are we waiting for?" David gets a huge smile on his face, and then does a little pirouette to check the place out as he redecorates it in his head.

At the Fortress, Nate is working in his office when Claire comes in. She asks what he's doing, and he claims that he's just making a list of things to do the next day. You can check The Wake if you want to know more. She also apologizes for their fight earlier, and says that he was totally right about Billy being a freak. And then she gives him a really big hug, and I'm not sure whether to be touched by her love for her brother, or jealous that Peter Krause has his face pressed into her chest.

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