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Galvanized by Ruth's desperate need to find out where her daughter is, George has come to the rescue by rushing right out of the house and finding…his. He's grown weary of waiting for Maggie to call him back and is now loitering around her apartment, which she's currently packing up. Nice built-in shelves, by the way; I bet her car doesn't have those. To explain why she's moving away, she says, "You're okay now. Everything's fine. I'm not necessary." George reminds her that she has family in L.A. She disagrees; "I have some people that I've ruined, and that I've ruined myself in front of. That's all." George doesn't know what she's talking about. Does he not know about her and Nate? I guess I read his funeral speech all wrong last week. Or somebody wrote it wrong, one of the two. Maggie says, "Do you remember anything, Daddy? Do you wake up every morning, totally blank? Empty? You left us!" George doesn't have much to say to that besides a whispered "Sorry," but Maggie says she's learned that life is basically going from place to place ruining everything. That sounds expensive and inconvenient. George tries to tell her it's not true, but she yells that "I am so sick of pretending everything's okay just so that you like me. I hate you!" George recoils in shock. "I hate that you dragged me into this world and just left me here! Let me go!" She goes back to packing. George stands there for a moment, puts his entrails back into his abdomen, and walks out the open door.

David's driving the kids home from school, but they're confused as to why they left early. David says he rented movies and got pizza ingredients. "I was missing you guys," he says. Durrell wants to know what's really up, and David insists that he just wanted to spend time with them. Durrell whatevers that he's going to have to call someone to get his math homework. David, offended that they aren't acting like this is Christmas morning or something, pissily asks if they want to go back to school. When they're slow to answer, he turns around in his seat and demands that they answer them, while simultaneously trying to see how many Fishers can roll their cars in a twenty-four-hour period. "No!" both kids yell at him before they all die. David turns back to the road. "I thought you'd be happy to get out of school. I'm sorry if I ruined your day," he grumps at them. Durrell and Anthony look at each other like, the day ain't over yet.

Hey, do you suppose David even finished up the CotW before he bailed on work? Not if the message Rico's leaving from the office at Fisher & Diaz is any indication: "David, I just found the guy downstairs, totally not ready for the viewing. I am here, all alone. It would be a real treat to know where the fuck you are. Call me." He hangs up, sighs, and picks up the phone again to make another call. The CotW's mom pokes her head into the office to see what's up, and Rico promises to be right out. We can see other funeral attendees milling around in the background behind her, and she ducks back out. Rico's second call is to Vanessa, begging her to leave work early and come over right away.

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