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Claire hands a cell phone back to the crusty old tow truck driver/mechanic who's come to her rescue, and we learn that she succeeded in getting a hold of Ruth. Don't bother scrolling up or paging back thinking you skimmed past that conversation somehow, because you didn't. We never got to see it. I don't know why. The tow truck driver takes a look at the inverted hearse and offers Claire $800 for it. She protests that it's a Cadillac. The driver says he knows, he's buying it for parts. "You should be thinking how lucky you are to be alive, young lady, instead of trying to jack up the price on a totaled car." Claire gets him to agree to $950, then watches as his crew moves the tow truck into position to flip her car back upright. The mechanic kicks out the driver's side window. Claire cries, because she has one less brother, no job, no boyfriend, and no car. And if she did, it would have a broken window.

CotW's sister is sitting alone on an upstairs window seat at the funeral home. Vanessa appears at the top of the stairs. I suppose Rico gave her a choice between attaching the CotW's prosthetic limbs and working the room, and she wisely chose the latter. Back in her hubba-hubba funeral dress and hair, Vanessa sits down next to the CotW's sister, explaining that she's helping out her husband. By sitting next to people and waiting for them to start talking, I guess. She doesn't have to wait long in this case. "We are living in, like, the unluckiest time ever," Sister says. "I mean, I grew up thinking I was born in the time when there was the internet, and the fall of communism, and the Gap. Turns out my time is when there's like, 9/11 and a bunch of wars and the end of everything." Yeah, but indoor plumbing makes up for a lot. I'm pretty sure that's what I'd miss most if I woke up in the Stone Age. Although writing a recap for a show with no commercials takes long enough as it is without having to use a chisel. Vanessa says all the right kind of comforting things. It seems to work, sort of.

George is back in the Fisher kitchen with Ruth, his ill-advised and oddly-timed visit to his daughter's place over. Brenda and Maya are there too, and the former is asking if they packed the latter's things. Ruth blathers a bit, and finally says to Brenda, "She's been so happy here." Brenda knows where this is going, and cuts it off: "Okay, George, could you please take Maya upstairs and pack her things?" George doesn't move. "Or do I have to call the police?" Brenda adds. Ruth reacts incredulously, but George jumps up to do as he's asked. Once Ruth and Brenda are alone, they face off across the kitchen. Brenda -- who has yet to express a word of appreciation for Ruth's taking Maya for six weeks without Brenda ever even saying please -- says she's just taking her daughter home. "After you left her here like a bag of garbage," Ruth says. Excuse me, Ruth, but does garbage have luggage? I think not. Brenda says that leaving Maya there was the most responsible thing she could think of doing at the time. Ruth says, "I never left my children, Brenda. I never left them for a second. I wouldn't. I couldn't!" Brenda skips right past the most recent and incredibly glaring counterexample, and just flatly says, "Nate fucked Maggie the night before he died." Ruth goes right into denial, but Brenda insists it's true. She says she needed time to work through her anger before she could be a good mother to Maya, "who I love as much as my own baby and who I am taking home." And then Brenda gasps in shock and confusion, because she's suddenly standing in a puddle of her own making. "Your water's breaking," Ruth says, pulling out a chair for her, and now it's Brenda's turn to be in denial, saying it's too early. Yeah, that belly of yours says otherwise, Enormo. Ruth tells her to sit, and hurries out, saying she'll get Brenda to the hospital while Maya stays with George. Groaning, Brenda lowers herself to her knees on the wet floor, panting.

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