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Anthony and Durrell are at home, watching a Charlie Chaplin movie. This is what David rented? I remember my dad bringing home a couple of Charlie Chaplin movies once. He'd checked them out of the library, along with a Super 8 film projector, and played them on the basement wall. There weren't quite as many home entertainment options in 1975 as there are now, and even back then I would have been bored had I been twelve at the time instead of five. An apron-clad David joins them in the living room as Durrell complains, "This movie's gay." David reacts like he's been slapped, but he decides to take this as a Socratic teaching opportunity. "What is 'gay,' Durrell?" he asks testily. "Movies with no talking," Durrell tactical-retreats. Anthony asks about the pizza, which David says he just put under the broiler to melt the cheese some more. Just then there's a brisk knock on the door. David tells the kids to stay where they are as he nervously goes to answer it. "Who is it?" Durrell asks. David doesn't know. The knocking has now become a fierce pounding. David carefully approaches the door, wishing for a peephole and asking who's there. His only answer is the door being busted wide open, slamming him against the wall. A guy in jeans and -- you guessed it -- a red hooded sweatshirt -- stomps inside and heads straight for the boys, a wicked hunting knife in one hand. As David begs the man not to kill the kids, Anthony flees, but Durrell is slower and the man grabs him by the shoulder and savagely stabs Durrell twice in the abdomen. The sight of the actual stabbing is blocked by the invader's body, but it's still pretty gruesome, considering this is a kid it's happening to. Thank God for those sideburns. The killer turns his blood-spattered face to David, and we see for the first time that it's Late Nate, Jr., psychotically yelling, "They're gonna die anyway!" David's eyes bug out, shocked that Peter Krause's character died and he not only didn't leave the show, he basically got to play four different characters in this episode.

He's snapped out of it by the sound of a smoke alarm and the two very much alive kids yelling at him that something's burning. Durrell gets up and runs into the kitchen, from where smoke is billowing, while David cluelessly yells right back at him. Anthony worriedly asks what they did wrong. David bitches, "You didn't do anything! Not everything is about you!" Keith finally comes in to restore order, and he's not too pleased about it. David just stands there, confused, as the smoke alarm finally stops bleating.

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