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Rico must be pretty pleased with Vanessa, because tonight he's letting them all eat at the kitchen table instead of in the car. He's proudly bragging to the kids about Vanessa's performance at the funeral home today. One of the Federiquitos asks if it was sad. Vanessa -- still all dolled up -- says it was, "but it felt good. You know, to be there for people that needed it." Rico tells Vanessa that he called the realtor about the funeral home she was pushing him to look at, and invites her to come along tomorrow. She nods excitedly. So from Late Nate Jr., Brenda gets bad ideas, Claire gets 2 AM dorm-speak, David gets panic attacks, Ruth gets Maya, and Vanessa gets the gift? I -- guess I don't have a problem with most of that.

David lies awake in bed in the dark, staring at the ceiling. Keith comes in, tells him the kids are almost asleep, and sits down on the bed, wondering where to start. "It isn't good for the boys to be around you like this," he finally says. David knows. "Keith," he says, "I feel like my face is coming off." Keith looks at him like, Damn, it's even worse than I thought. David continues, "I try to keep holding it on, but I can't. It keeps coming off. What's underneath is just…" We don't get to hear what's underneath, because David says, "I don't want the boys to go away." Keith says he's not sending the boys anywhere. That's the good news. "But I do think that you should go away for a little while…until you get better." Off David's shocked look, Keith explains that the kids are scared to be around him. "It's not good," he finishes. David sighs unhappily. Keith's always trying to get someone out of his house, isn't he?

Also unhappy? Claire, who's riding a bus home while Arcade Fire's "Cold Wind" fades up on the soundtrack. She looks out at the lights going past.

Brenda wails and moans and struggles to give birth in a busy delivery room. She asks the masked obstetrician if the baby's okay. The worried OB tells her to just keep pushing. Brenda sits up and complies, screaming at the ghost of Nate, who's standing by the window and looking very serious. Rachel Griffiths screams so hard she doesn't even look like herself as we fade to white. I hope she didn't actually give birth on the set or anything.

The finale's 75 minutes long, y'all. Don't forget to notify your TiVos and VCRs.

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