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Where we join Claire's drunken antiwar rant, already in progress. "'Support our troops'?" she yells at the CotW's family. "What a bunch of bullshit!" Ted's trying to get her inside, while she yells at the CotW's mom for the disconnect between her sticker and the gas-guzzling vehicle she drives. Claire's hearse is in the driveway, so Ted must have driven her home in that. And I'm totally sure they got fifty miles to the gallon, too. David and Rico come outside as Ted gets Claire moving again, apologizing to the mom as he drags Claire by the arm. "Yeah, we wouldn't want to offend anybody while they're supporting out troops!" Claire spits. David tells Claire to shut up. Instead of doing that, Claire rants at David about the war, capping it off with, "And the best thing she can think of to do is to put a sticker on that enormous shitbox!" "Take her inside!" David yells at Ted, who starts to comply as Rico tries to smooth things over and lead Mom to the passenger side door. But Claire's not anywhere near done, stomping up to the sister and going on and on about wounded soldiers. Yeah, Claire, I think Sister got that memo. Claire's now clubbing the SUV with her purse while David takes a turn at trying to subdue her. "Claire, shut the hell up! Her brother just died!" Rico finally yells at her. Which, believe it or not, succeeds in calming her down. "I'm sorry," she whispers, out of breath from her exertions. Jesus, Claire, why did you think they were there? To sell Girl Scout cookies? Rico goes back to the mom's open window to apologize as the sister starts up the car, and assures her that Claire won't be there tomorrow. Mom snaps, "I should hope not! She seems like she's on drugs." "She usually is," Rico agrees, and waves bye-bye as the car drives off.

Now that Claire and Ted are inside, Rico goes up to where David is still staring at Claire's door in disbelief. He stands glaring at David until the latter finally snaps, "What?" "So when can we talk about it?" Rico demands. David angrily says fine, and reaches into his pocket for his keys, which he throws at Rico's feet. "You want the whole fucking business, Rico? It's yours," David yells, heading inside. "There, we had our talk." Rico flings the keys at the door that David just slammed behind himself. Wow, all of that was actually kind of upsetting.

Cut to George and Ruth in the pediatrician's exam room, waiting, I assume, for the pediatrician. Maya sits in George's lap as he fiddles with his cell phone and complains that nobody returns calls any more. No, that's just to you, George. Ruth complains about how long they've been waiting for the doctor. Finally, in comes Brenda, apologizing for her lateness. Which is understandable, because she had to fix breakfast -- no, that's not right. She had to dig up Maya's medical records -- oh wait. Um, she had to find directions to the doctor's office? No? Okay, so she's just late for no reason. "Mommy!" Maya bleats, and runs to her. They all commiserate some more about the wait for the doctor, and Brenda asks if they brought Maya's stuff. After an awkward pause, George says it's in the car. But no moment is so awkward that Ruth can't make it more so, which she does in this case by blurting, "I think Maya should stay with us." Brenda rather coldly says that Maya isn't going to. Ruth argues that Brenda's going to have her hands full with the new baby and that Maya is going to end up at Ruth's again anyway (in which case, way to blow it, there, Ruth), but Brenda says Billy will be around to help her out. "Well, I'm not sure that's the best environment," Ruth sniffs, and Brenda shoots back, "Well, I'm not sure I care what you think, Ruth." Which is Ruth's opening to play the wronged party, getting up and announcing that she'll wait in the car. Brenda and George both ask her to stay, but she says the room is too crowded anyway, hugs Maya goodbye, and leaves.

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