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And then Brenda's eyes fly open and she sits up in the dark, in her room, in her bed, alone. Teases. I hope this isn't like when Spike had that dream about Buffy and we had to watch it in the previouslies for, like, the whole rest of the season. Although I suppose I can put up with it for one episode.

Claire's made it safely to her car, but for some reason she's still in flight mode, driving way too fast in the dark like Tinkerbell Hilton is going to jump on her car and tear the roof off like a sardine tin if she slows down below sixty. What does happen is that a foal deer runs out on the narrow road right in front of her car. Claire slams on the brakes, and I would have thought that it would take some doing to roll a car that low and heavy on a straight and level road, but she goes up the slight embankment and manages to pull it off. The car comes to a stop its roof, rocking gently. As one clever poster put it, fade to white/Claire's not upright.

Next morning, in the Fisher kitchen, George is reading Maya's horoscope to her. She's a Gemini (how apropos for a character who's played by twins), and the astrologer ends on a warning note: "You have more enemies than you think." A certain astrologer needs to quit reading our forums, I think. George starts on his own: "Aries: Think about what you say before you speak." A little late for that. Ruth enters in her bathrobe, quietly announcing that the Claire is empty. George isn't concerned, figuring she spent the night at Ted's, but Ruth adds that Claire isn't answering her cell phone, either. George scoffs, "They're young. They sleep. They don't call back." A callback joke about callbacks. We're through the looking-glass here. Ruth stresses that she missed saying goodbye to her son. George says her name in a warning tone, but she snaps, "I want to know where my daughter is!" That gets even Maya's attention. I'm sure George will swing into action to help Ruth find Claire right away, aren't you?

David has shifted himself to get out of bed and drive the kids to school himself, and he's walking them up to the building while giving them all sorts of instructions about not leaving the grounds or talking to strangers or getting killed or raped by them or anything. They're about to go inside when David calls them back to apologize for getting upset the night before. Anthony asks if they can make pizza tonight. David agrees, and says he just misses Nate a lot. He starts to elaborate, but Durrell and his suddenly-appearing, long, skinny, pointy, incredibly distracting and mystifying sideburns say they're going to be late. David sends them into the building, acting like he's glad they're being responsible and don't just want to get away from his basket-case ass. At the top of the stairs he turns back toward the street, just in time to spot a black Nissan Maxima cruising slowly past the front of the school. And at the wheel is someone whose face is covered by the hood of his red sweatshirt. Spooky! And possibly even actually happening! David runs up to the crossing guard and points out the car, saying, "I think that might be the dark-blue Nissan they’re looking for? The guy who's murdering children?" The crossing guard points out that the car is black. David apologizes, saying, "My mistake," and heads back to his car, tripping over the crossing guard's lawn chair on the sidewalk as he goes. And of course, he doesn't look at all soothed.

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