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I guess Brenda is no longer working out of her home, because Lisa is waiting for her in a small massage studio somewhere. She's also wearing a giant robe (StR = 1,974) and looking extremely nervous about what she's gotten herself into here. I am too, but only because this massage room reminds me of the one on The Mind of the Married Man, and I'm starting to have some really serious post-traumatic stress flashbacks. Maybe I need another cold shower. Fortunately, Brenda enters at this point, and seeing as how she's neither topless nor Asian, the dread I'm feeling slowly begins to subside. Of course, we're almost immediately teased with the prospect of a Lisa nude scene as she disrobes to climb onto the table, but I can just focus on Lauren to get me through that one.

And while Lisa is off stalking Brenda, Nate remains blissfully oblivious back in his office. He's in there "working" when he notices the youngest of Daddy's harem (Lolita) standing in the doorway watching him. I should probably mention that she wasn't actually one of his wives (Daddy was crazy all right, but he was good-crazy and wise to the hidden ways of our universe, and not bad-crazy like a pedophile), although she was certainly being groomed for the role during that opening scene. They exchange pleasantries, which culminates in Lolita explaining that Daddy only died in "this place," but that "he's fine if you step a little this way and squint." Um, okay. She also reveals that "he was Daddy, but he wasn't [her] daddy." If you know what she means, that is, and I think that you do. "Do you like cheese?" she non-sequiturs. Nate is nonplussed, but he manages to answer in the affirmative. Then he gives a whole list of the cheeses he likes, which includes cheddar, Colby, Muenster, Monterey jack with jalapeno, and Brie. Lolita's never heard of Brie, by the way, which would seem to indicate that she doesn't spend a lot of time hanging out at The Bada Bing. That's probably for the best. In the background, meanwhile, Boy Who Can't Find His Shoes and Girl Who Serves As An Allusion To Nate's Aborted Children keep wandering in and out of the room. Lolita finally offers Nate the hand mop she's been fiddling with this whole time, and creepily tells announces, "I'm almost a woman now," before running away with her schoolgirl crush tucked between her legs. Ew. And aww. Hmm. Maybe she just likes him because his hair resembles the mop. Who knows?

The Six Feet Under Season of Massage continues as we come back to find Brenda massaging Lisa's uterus. Metaphorically speaking, of course. In actual physical terms, she's much closer to her spleen. For some reason this causes Lisa to start bawling, which is Brenda's cue to start delivering her standard line of psychobabble about how "there are places we store trauma" and "our cells know what we go through." I guess I should just be thankful she's not running her fingers through Nate's chest hair while she says it. Ooh! I wonder how she'll react when she discovers that he's shaved most of it off? That should be interesting. "My life has never been so good," sobs Lisa. "I have a beautiful baby, I'm happily married." "You're lucky," replies a surprisingly tender Brenda. Lisa takes a few deep breaths, and then offers the opinion that Brenda looks sad. "I'm not so lucky," Brenda says. "Not lately." She pushes Lisa back onto the table, and starts rubbing her temples as she continues speaking. "I wouldn't change anything. If you change one thing, that changes everything. Some things are the way they should be." This gives Lisa the peace of mind she's been so desperately seeking, and she finally manages to relax on the table. It's also probably an oblique Schrödinger's Cat reference, although I still think it's pretty unlikely that we'll be revisiting that particular storyline anytime soon. In any case, Brenda and Lisa's first meeting was a much quieter affair than I had been expecting. Judging from the previews for the next episode, however, that's about to change.

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