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Formaldehyde Fortress. Ruth is polishing her silver in the dining room when Bossy stops by for a little chat. They discuss the various pieces for a while, which are all in the same pattern that Bossy's mother used to have in "another life." Then Ruth asks about what it's like to share a man who has three other wives, and Bossy delivers a fairly feministic justification for the practice of polygamy. I'm sure Gloria Steinem would totally approve. Both Bossy and Ruth spy Arthur trying to sneak past the open doorway, which leads Bossy to offer up some wisdom from the "Bring 'Em Young" chapter of The Book of Daddy. "Time doesn't tell the truth about our souls," she says. "We're all children when we truly love." Then she further informs Ruth that men "don't know what they want. That's why we have to choose." Ruth ponders this idea silently, and then decides that if it's good enough for the polygamous Mennonite concubine, then it's good enough for her. But we'll get to that part in a little bit.

Rico, meanwhile, has picked up Julio from school and brought him home to a house that's a total pigsty. He sends the boy off to go sit in the bathtub, and then turns to find Vanessa stumbling out of the bedroom and wiping the sleep from her eyes. He immediately starts yelling at her, telling her that the kids have lice "like a dirty pig convict," and that she's stopped being their mother because she's so depressed all the time. Vanessa's only reply? "If he has lice then we're just going to have to move." Hee! I bet Vanessa is a lot of fun to write for. Even Rico rolls his eyes at that one, but instead of muttering a simple "Shut up, Vanessa," he instead sits down beside his wife to kindly offer to get her some help. "Can you forgive me?" she asks. "Of course I forgive you," he answers. Aww. Annoying people in love are so cute.

Olivier's house. Claire has finally made it back from the desert, and she's not at all happy to have wasted an entire day on this little enterprise. Things get even worse, however, when she finds Russell on the sofa with a pillow over his crotch and Olivier getting dressed in the other room. Hmm. She tries valiantly to drag Russell out of there, but Olivier complains that she was supposed to take the sculpture to the school, and informs them that he can't do it because he's "dining with the provost at Patina." "Well, I'm dining with my boyfriend at Taco Bell," replies Claire, who also takes this as a perfect opportunity to quit her job as Olivier's assistant. "All I do is run personal errands for you," she shouts, "and I feel like it's taking too much time away from my own work." Oy. Three hours in the car and that's the best reason she could come up with? I'd have at least thrown a crack about his perpetual stubble in there. At any rate, all this nastiness has apparently caused Russell's erection to subside, because he discards the pillow and joins Claire as they head for the door. "Have a nice night!" calls Olivier. "And try kissing him just behind the ear. He loves that!"

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