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SFU 406: The Apology

"Did you hear him go on about global warming?" George asks Ruth in the car. Ruth, whose life has been warmed plenty by the hot, steaming piles of poo George has invited into their life together, wants to hear nothing about it, cutting right to the point: "Was one of your ex-girlfriends at the party?" George says he doesn't think so, and when Ruth accurately describes Chrissy's or Janet's or whosever accent as "curiously international," George recollects that he dated a woman who worked in the Archeology department. Ruth grills him for how it ended, and he tells her that he really doesn't remember. He thinks they just "drifted apart," but Ruth says that she overheard the women's conversation, which causes George to correctly reply, "Well, that's not the best way to get information, is it?" He just wants to talk about global warning, but everything I ever needed to know about global warning I learned from The Day After Tomorrow. Warming makes it cold!

Click clackity clack clack! David sits at an unstealable computer not loosening his tie. Nate enters and asks after David, handing him some kind of topical ointment, telling him, "This helps the bruises. It's homeopathic but it works." David takes the tube and puts it next to him in a noncommittal way, perhaps exactly as convinced as I am that something a little stronger will be required to heal getting beat up than bee pollen and rainwater.

Nate and some other woman run around couches and play with dogs. She wants him because all women on this show find Nate curiously irresistible, so she cracks right in with the intimate chatter: "So, do you want to be a trainer?" No, actually he wants to find the reincarnated soul of his dead wife Lisa. Making her heel would only be reinforcing the patriarchy. The other woman -- let's call her Suzie Superfluous -- tells Nate that she wants to be a vet. She pries when she tells him she heard he worked in a funeral home, and asks if it was "kinda depressing." He pauses a minute, petting maybe-Lisa and volleying, "Kinda." Dead pause. See, on television, quiet and brooding men are considered "mysterious," whereas in real life they are labeled "social retards" and subsequently ignored. Nate drops the baby bomb and asks if she thinks it would be all right to bring "his little girl" in. Suzie Superfluous says she didn't know Nate was married, because she was looking for a ring because she's hitting on him, and he tells her, "I'm not married. Anymore." Suzie Superfluous smiles broadly because she doesn't know that sex with Nate makes him go to his white desert wasteland place.

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