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SFU 406: The Apology

Ruth and Keith wash dishes together, Ruth asking after David's well-being. Keith tells her that there's a lot more insanity in the world than people realize, noting that he's surprised that the world hasn't spun off into total chaos. He should be in the rec room drugging with the children. Downstairs, David stares at the body of the Former Robert Carl Meinhardt, whose consonant blends were so unique.

Claire comes back to the coach house to find the Matthew Barney of LAC Arts doing push-ups. Mena Suvari seems somewhat bored by it all, telling Claire, "I just want to roll in the grass." Claire tells her, "We have some amazing grass outside," and they take off for parts lesbian-er.

Keith is doing that could-be-written-better phone call thing where he's getting one side of a phone call and is all, "Tonight? Isn't there any way I could catch up with you in Portland? Replace me for the whole tour?" What is that you saaaaaaaaaaay? He terminates the phone call and tells David, "I told them I didn't think I could make it in tonight." David tells him that he doesn't want Keith to lose his job, but Keith is all super-boyfriend when he tells David that David's more important than a job. David responds that he doesn't want Keith losing his job over this. They hug chastely because it's only pretty when you're making a baby.

George lies in bed reading his boring tax book, turning off the light while Ruth stands at the mirror brushing her hair. I know. Totally almost as fun to watch.

Mena Suvari rolls around in the grass while Claire takes some pictures. Mena Suvari yells, "Come here! You have to feel this right now." They lie in the grass and talk about the meaning of nature and its ability to create grass. Mena Suvari climbs up on top of Claire and asks, "Did you ever play rolling pin when you were a kid?" Claire says no and Mena Suvari rolls over her tantalizingly.

The Former Robert Carl Meinhardt lies in his casket, his viewing in full swing. A small woman who looks like wacky neighbor Mrs. Poole comments, "Wow. Can't even see the wound." A woman next to him asks where he was shot, and Mrs. Poole continues her plot development, "Point blank in the head. They had him tied up for hours. And then they just shot him in the head." Mrs. Poole asks David, standing close by, if they can tell from the autopsy if he suffered. David flashes back to a black-and-white shot of the gun pointed at his head, swallows hard and says he hasn't seen the autopsy, and excuses himself quickly with a dramatic loosening of the tie and calls 911 from the back office phone. He responds that he can't breathe and puts his head down on the desk, praying for homeopathic heart attack medicine.

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