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SFU 406: The Apology

In another life I totally wanted to be a college professor and have people find me really, really, really smart all the time, so I don't entirely buy into the academia-as- bastion-of-snootishness I feel like they're trying to turn it into. We're at a house so made of tweed and port and thinking that the big bad wolf could just blow it right over. George and Ruth walk in, and George introduces her to "the famous Dean Kekalos." Title Dean or first name Dean? Perhaps academia's greatest unsolved mystery. Dean Kekalos (or, alternately, Mr. Kekalos) shakes Ruth's hands and thanks "the famous Ruth Sibley" for the "calming effect" she's had on George, and I half expect her to blurt out in surprise, "If he were any more calm, he'd be an exceedingly boring kind of rock he'd soon insist on telling me all about. With slides!" George waits seconds before running off to greet another (male, I think it's significant to say) colleague, leaving Ruth alone with D.K. (or, y'know, Mr. K. I really don't know). She thanks him for the "Geode nut dish," which is either some professorial archeology joke or she's just making sure to thank everyone extra-kindly who didn't send her poo.

Left on her own while George goes off to schmooze with men named Seamus and Bartholomew and maybe Dean, Ruth shuffles off alone and marches right into a nearby episode of Three's Company. In an adjoining room, she overhears a conversation two women are loudly having in plain sight of a lot of people who know everyone in the room. "I didn't tell you this?" one asks. She speaks with a somewhat indeterminate accent, so it's clear she comes from the sovereign nation of Foreignia, the hailing spot of all of the foreign people who aren't from anywhere in particular. She goes into detail: "We'd been dating for six months, and he called me from his car and starts saying something like, 'Maybe we should be seeing other pe--' and he loses cell reception...the parting words of George Sibley." Overheard idle chatter at a cocktail party? I call cheap shortcut, especially with George there. Hell hath no fury like a woman from Foreignia.

Back at Diaz & Diaz (which would probably be a better name for their house should Vanessa ever actually be made an equal partner), Rico sits on the floor and stares into an old time-y looking microscope because in his free time he likes to cure polio. Vanessa comes in and sits on the couch behind him, complaining, "Didn't you say you have to work tomorrow night now? On the machine?" Whoops! Looks like that's what happens when the words "whore" and "wife" show up next to each other on the ol' cell phone autodial. So Rico backpedals with his best filibuster as he backs up onto the couch and tells her that the plans haven't been changed at all. Rico blames the whole thing on David and says he kept changing a viewing time, "changing their minds back and forth, these people!" Vanessa just wants to know if she should get the babysitter back, but Rico is too concerned with whether he should being " stalk...Lenny and Carl."

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