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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

Usually the best lie is the simplest lie, so Jimmy Felon starts to undo his case right away when he explains to David, "It's a funny story. I had written the paper on my friend's computer. And then I tried to email it to myself!" I don't know. He starts rambling about how his aged grandmother has to move a couch or something, but he ends with the pivotal line, "It's just one of those days." David's all, "Believe me, I know what that's like." Awww, look at that! Kindred spirits who are having one of those days and are about to love crack. He asks David for a lift to the next gas station, and I kind of expect a lame visual joke like the one in that Steve Martin movie about California, where he tells his neighbor he'll be right over and then gets in his car and drives four feet to the next house. It's Los Angeles. Make a joke about how you'll drive until you find a house built before 1940 or how you'll drive until you find an agent with a soul. Don't go for the one about the time you couldn't find a gas station in Los Angeles, because by the time you start to tell it, you're probably driving past one.

Anyway, young Jimmy climbs into the van and introduces himself as Jake, but clearly his name is Jimmy.

"That's Doctor" Brenda Chenowith "To You" carries a tray and walks next to her mother at an outdoor cafeteria area. Ma Chenowith celebrates the fact that she hasn't been on a campus in years, ogling boys and talking too loudly and being all of the things that make me appreciate seeing Brenda finally having a scene with somebody besides Justin Ther-neaux. Ma Chenowith walks past a younger gentleman and basically announces, "Let's wrap him up and take him home!" which causes Brenda to thera-speak, "You are being wildly inappropriate, as usual. And, as usual, I am feeling irritated and resentful." They sit down at a table while Ma Chenowith chides, "Well, that's your shit." They prepare their lunches accordingly, Brenda unearthing a salad and a bottle of water, and Ma Chenowith hilariously managing to have traipsed onto a college campus and found a place where she could buy wine in a mini-bottle. After filling an actual wine glass she probably carries around in her purse, Ma Chenowith picks up a flyer sitting on the table and asks about a certain professor who Brenda has for cognitive science, noting, "He has the most unusually shiny penis." In the absolute only moment of directorial discretion in this entire episode, Brenda does not respond to this observation with a spit take. Brenda tells her mother she thinks Professor Shiny Happy Penis is a very good educator, and Ma Chenowith refutes her with the counterpoint, "He's an exhibitionist. And an idiot." Brenda volleys that maybe her mother should teach the class herself, and Ma Chenowith shares, "I'm not that desperate." Brenda snipes back that it's an excellent program, and Ma Chenowith tells Brenda she'll be an excellent therapist, making sure to end her little speech about Brenda's keen knowledge of interpersonal relationships: "You just have a problem applying the principles to your own life."

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