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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

Brenda wondered when the insult was going to come, so she changes the subject to something she thinks will be slightly less horrifying for her. She is WRONG. She asks how things are with Olivier, and Ma Chenowith shoots back with discussion about how passionate he is, adding, "And he's completely supportive of my decision to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery." At which point I looked in horror at my friend sitting next to me on the couch, who simply mouthed the words, "I'll tell you later," and then, thankfully, didn't. Brenda predictably recoils, but her mother barrels on, explaining that she's had a couple of kids and that "nobody wants to fuck a glass of water, if you know what I'm saying." Watching the level of water increase radically in Brenda's glass from the time she's next seen holding it to the time she puts it down allows me to concentrate on something else besides crying. Ma Chenowith leans in and asks, "Speaking of children, are you still thinking of having one?" She is. And still with Joe, I'm sad to report. Ma Chenowith asks how the sex is, and Brenda tells her, "It's creative," which compels Ma Chenowith to insist that Brenda dump him immediately. Listen to your mother, Brenda! Has she steered you wrong before? It's not like you're institutionalized! And your bipolar brother hasn't hit on you! Er, lately! But Brenda defends herself by using her mother's own words against her, reminding her, "Last month when I brought him to dinner, you said he was the one." LAST MONTH? So three months between the first and second episode. A month between the fourth and fifth episodes. Watch out for a random lapse of fifty years between two episodes before this season is out, where the RicoBot 5000 is doing the embalming and Claire is a grizzled art teacher at a lesbian commune in Washington state and Nate is still being really, really annoying about Lisa. Brenda pulls back and reevaluates her mother, glaring her down and whispering, "I hate your new hair." It's true. She looks like she needs Jack-o-Lantern rejuvenation surgery.

Very, very old people are in a bereavement group in the room where Dr. Evil once told Carrie Fisher his father invented the question mark. One of them tells a story about her husband Walter, and adds that she has so many memories with her husband she can hardly remember them all. The leader of the group tells her, "Memories are nice, aren't they, Helen?" Nate looks down guiltily because, really, he hated his wife a lot.

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