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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

Jimmy Felon walks out of the gas station at 3160 This Street Does Not Exist In Los Angeles Street and tells David -- who has smartly taken this opportunity to gas up the van in advance of an upcoming drive to Long Beach -- that the ATM is broken. See, this is murky. Because you don't go to a gas station to buy loose gas in a container. You go to a gas station to find someone who will tow your car to the gas station. Can you even just wander into a gas station in L.A. and buy gas without putting it into your car anymore? Jimmy explains that he tried to use his credit card to buy some gas but that the card was over its limit, and that the guy who worked here just laughed in his face. "How humiliating is that?" he asks. "I must have been, like, a serious asshole in a previous life." David responds, "I don't think it works that way," because they're trying to drive home some nebulous point about punishment and the arbitrary will of God that was broached in the scene with Tony Alto, but I didn't get it before and I'm feeling pretty "meh" about my attempts to contemplate it now. David comforts on, "I think it just happens." It totally does happen. If you don't pay your credit-card bill. Jimmy takes out a pack of gum and celebrates, "At least I stole a pack of gum." He gives David a piece and tells him, "Now you're my accomplice." And, with a segue whose timing is whatever the opposite of immaculate is, Jimmy pauses for a horribly awkward second and then remembers, "My poor grandma is still waiting for me." David volunteers to buy the gas and the gas can, and Jimmy tells him that he'll only allow it if "you take me to an ATM so I can pay you back." David breezily agrees, "Okay!" before hopping into the store, chewing his gum all the way. Because no little cinnamon gum freshens breath longer than Big Dead. So kiss a little longer/ Hold hands a little longer/ Fantasize about sex with your kidnapping sociopath a little longer/ Longer with Big Dead/ That Big Dead freshness never slacks/ Your fresh breath goes on and on even while you're smoking crack/ Get doused in gasoline a little longer/ Could this scene be any longer / Give your breath long lasting freshness with Big Dead.

George "That'll Do, Prig" Sibley is in this episode. And he's talking about "a hunk of crusty bread." He carries a snack over to the table and tells Ruth something really homespun about how good food tastes even better "when you cut it with your grandfather's pocket knife." Ruth so doesn't care either, sitting down at the table and immediately launching in: "I was thinking that we should invite Kyle over for dinner." George asks a simple, "Why?" Ruth don't play, and tells him that she wants to introduce Krazy Kyle to Head In A Hatbox Betsy. George accuses her of "meddling," which she is. You guys? She totally is! George reminds her that the only reason that he wanted Ruth to meet Kyle is to see how screwed up he was, closing up the argument with the ouchy "You deal with your messed up children and I'll deal with mine" and storming off after telling her, "I'm very disappointed in you, Ruth." Or is he the hunk of crusty bread? I am confused.

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