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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

Back at The Good Grief Crisis Counseling Center, Nate pours himself some coffee and really looks like he's got a head of steam building on an upcoming soliloquy of some kind. He listens to the aged counselor sympathize with people who lose their loved ones after spending a lifetime together, busting in, "I don't have a lifetime of memories. We were just getting started." He edges his way back toward his seat and tells them he has a two-year-old daughter without a mother. He sits down and tells them, "Most of the time, I just feel numb. But then sometimes, I feel just terrified. And sometimes I feel so angry, but I don't want to be this bitter guy." Nate's sharing! He's sharing! He's...oh, crap. A loud buzzing sound cuts him right off, mid-sharing, and as they've evacuated into the parking lot. Nate sits, staring, because Nate got gonged while he was sharing.

I cannot BELIEVE that the sun is setting. And I cannot BELIEVE that the funeral for the woman whose body is in the back of the van seems to be listed as TBA on the Fisher & Diaz production schedule. Jimmy thanks David for being "the coolest guy I've ever met," and David looks around for an ATM, saying perplexedly, "They're usually all over." No. A Jamba Juice is hard to find when you're looking for one. And when you want a Coffee Bean, all you'll be able to find is a Starbucks. Carrot Top's star on the Walk of Fame? Never there when you're looking for it. But an ATM in the city of Los Angeles is right...there. Just stick to highly populated streets, which is all of them. Why not, oh, I don't know, drive back in the direction of your house, where you live, in L.A., and hit an ATM near there? It's not like David didn't grow up in the city. It's not like he suddenly looked out the window of the car and was all, "Oh, wait. We're not in Los Angeles at all! We're actually in Floss Angeles, which is totally the name of a made-up city in a brochure aimed at getting children to exercise proper dental hygiene! There are no ATMs here! Just tooth-related landmarks like 'Incisor & Out Burger' and 'The Plaque-itol Records Building.' And the upcoming Entourage, featuring a cameo by screen siren Ali Tartar!"

"Are you gay?" Jimmy asks. David tells him yes, and Jimmy tells him, "I thought so. You look gay." No, he doesn't. Jimmy tells him that "he's too cute not to" have a boyfriend, but asks if he could be his "guy on the side." He asks, "You want me to take my pants off?" But it's a dream sequence, you see. David snaps back to the only reality less disturbing than the one he just dipped into.

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