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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

False alarm. Fire engines leaving. Nate leaving first.

NOTE: IT IS NOW NIGHTTIME. That's awesome. That means the ATM search took up at the very least an hour, and probably significantly more. They could have found an ATM by this point. In Vegas. And stayed for the "O" show, which Jimmy, in David's fantasy sequences, might really have enjoyed. Anyway, Jimmy rocks out to the No Doubt cover of "It's My Life," which was totally on my list of "You know what song really doesn't need another cover?" at #2, right after "Landslide," until I heard the "No Doubt" version and fell very deeply in love with it. Jimmy asks David if he grew up in L.A., and Jimmy tells a story about how he grew up in Bermuda because he was an Armed Forces brat. Blah blah blah dislocation and difficulty making friends, and Jimmy stares oddly at David for a second too long before David notices that there's an ATM right up ahead. Down an alley. In an abandoned parking lot. In the part of the city where light was never invented. With a wolf. And spiders. And a night in a haunted house.

David pulls in to the parking lot and kills the van's lights. Why is he getting out, too? No matter. As they walk up to the front door, Jimmy calls out a casual "hey," and David turns around to be met with a fresh punch in the mouth from Jimmy. David hits the bricks, and Jimmy meets him on the ground and pulls out a gun, explaining to David that they'll be walking into the store, getting as much money as David can out of the machine, and leaving. Jimmy -- were there another one of him, we could now commence in calling them "Pumpkin" and "Honey Bunny" -- adds that David is not to do anything drastic in the store. Jimmy plants the gun in David's back and they walk into the grocery store. The cowboy-hat-clad proprietor is too yokel-y to note any kind of security breach, so they waltz right past him and to the ATM in the back. David, bleeding profusely from his nose, puts in a figure that Jimmy doesn't like, telling him to withdraw $500 and not $300. Jimmy. The other $200 is the ATM fee at a backwater grocery store where people only go where they're a-boozin' or a-muggin'. Jimmy grabs a big pile of cash dispensed from the ATM and turns David around, directing him out of the store. As they pass the checkout desk, David tries to clear his throat really loudly, but Jimmy just laughs "Nice try" before grabbing a bottle of tequila and leading David back outside. So much for plugging his spine with full of lead if he didn't cooperate.

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