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Someone Left The Crack Out In The Rain

I believe this is what is known as "freebasing." Jimmy makes some orgasm noises and hands the drugs over to David, who tries to decline. "Or I could put a hole in your throat and blow the smoke in that way," Jimmy counters. I thought drugs were supposed to make you nicer. But what crack does do is make you HIGH ON CRACK. Escape now, David. Go go go! Or...smoke some crack. Y'know. Whatever. David takes the paraphernalia and dives right in, inhaling the smoke and holding it at Jimmy's urging. He blows it out and sits back hard against the seat, screaming, "I've never felt like this! How could I have never felt like this?" Jimmy asks if David can drive, and he responds, "I can do anything!" He takes off and the radio is back on because it's not afraid of Jimmy when he's on crack, and neither are we so just ESCAPE. David takes off at a million miles an hour, and Jimmy asks out of seeming nowhere, "You wanna have sex?" David asks if he's serious, and Jimmy expresses a strong interest to "suck dick" that lasts until we discover that this is, as well, a dream sequence. They're both asleep. I remember sleep.

A dude with a baseball bat smashes the front window of the van and I don't know why. He screams something about needing more money or them being on his turf or something, and David takes off and drives really, really fast. David stops at a light and lets out a long exhale, and when Jimmy points out, "Your windshield's broken," they both laugh uproariously. David asks if he can go now, but Jimmy still says that they need to go to Long Beach, reporting, "I need some meth." Good luck getting there without taking the freeway. But they're actually not going anywhere, yet, because first David has to get the shits in an alley. What? Kidding? Why would I be kidding?

What did David clean himself up with, a map of where all of the bank branches in Los Angeles aren't? Jimmy calls back that all David has to do is take him to Long Beach, and then Jimmy will let David go. And we may go as well? No, not to Long Beach, NOT TO LONG BEACH, NOT TO...awwww, crap. Now see what you've gone and made us do?

Long Beach. Home of CPK waitresses and blonde dating-show contestants. They drive around on empty streets because nobody lives in Long Beach, either, and David asks if they're almost there. But just as they start to bicker about directions, a dog runs in front of the car and Jimmy screams, "That's my dog!" David expresses some serious doubt that this is true, but Jimmy says that he used to live around here, and that this is definitely his dog. Jimmy brandishes the gun once more and tells David, "Help me get the dog and I will let you go."

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