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Sixty-Seven Weddings And Nine Funerals

Outdoor swimming pool. Perfect catering. Sparkling blue sky. Try and tell me that god doesn't love the gays. David bids hello to a woman with a woman with a child who we learn is adopted from Guatemala, and David tells her, "My partner and I have had the most preliminary of adoption conversations." You HAVE? Did I miss a season? David asks the woman what agency she used, and she tells him, "Whole Family Center. They're good people...but they're kind of religious, if you know what I mean." Their offices all face toward the holy city of Mecca? "They don't work with gay couples." Oooooooooooh. "You might want to try Rainbow Kids or someplace like that." Yeah, David. Try Rainbow Kids! That was nice of her to offer, as I'm sure you'll...hey, David, why are you staring at her like she just ate the baby?

Nate walks into his room at The Black Lodge Or Whatever and finds Brenda lying on her bed reading. She's excited to see him and asks where Maya is, and Nate climbs on top of her, explains that she's still with her cousins, and asks, "Miss me?" She tells him no which makes me pretty happy because shut up, Nate, and tells him that she had a "totally surreal phone session" with Byron. He asks her what happened, which is almost like not asking a question at all, because the one time he ostensibly show interest in someone else, it's in regard to a question she's not legally allowed to answer. She cites "the whole client privilege doctor thing," which would be like a medical doctor telling a patient that he's going to help them because he recited "the Hungry Hungry Hippo Oath." You're supposed to know what it's called, Brenda. And sorry for the nineteen consecutive references to H3. Wouldn't it be awesome if people started calling it that?

Nate starts kissing Brenda's neck and asking, "How do I know this client exists, anyway? How do I know this isn't some hot guy you've got on the side?" She winces a little and he tells her, "I was kidding...wouldn't have moved in if I was [sic] worried." Brenda regains her composure and tells him, "This is the first time we've been together." He asks her what she means and she explains, "The other times we never had a relationship. One of us was always escaping or lying." You. And again you. Nate adds: "Or stoned." Again, you. Brenda's happy that "now we're really here." And I'm sure it will last forever. He tells her that he drove back to The Black Lodge to tell her that he loves her, and she asks, "And to make sure I didn't escape?" to which he responds, "Yeah. Oh, yeah." No. Oh, no.

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