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Sixty-Seven Weddings And Nine Funerals

Barb practically chases Nate as he runs with Maya out of the mausoleum's nearest exit, asking if he wants to get coffee. He apologizes that they have to pack and catch their flight, and goodbyes are exchanged through kisses for Maya and manly handshakes for Nate. Barb tells him to "keep in touch," and everyone leaves the frame except for a suited man who it seems works for the dead urn place. What does he want? How shall we ever find out?

Vanessa pads prettily around her house in broad daylight because she doesn't work either, I guess, and Rico strolls in the front door. Vanessa icily tells him, "You should ring the bell." I think Rico has something to say, y'all. "Okay," he starts off. "I have a problem with you bringing Kenny Sims over here and parading him in front of my boys." Vanessa responds with a wholly nonplussed "Oh, really." Rico says that it will "confuse them," and Vanessa says that Kenny's just a visiting friend. But Rico is having none of it, starting in: "Bullshit. You're looking, Vanessa." She's basically laughing at him, and when he adds, "Look at you!" she turns to face him and asks, "Look at me, what?" He chides her for getting her hair straightened, and she tells him, "I am a grown woman, separated from my husband." Rico asks when they got separated, and she's yelling now as she tells him, "The day you left, Rico. You don't live here anymore." She tells him to give her his house key or she'll have to go through the expense of getting the locks changed, with which he grandly hurls his key at the floor. She chases him toward the front door and this episode will never be over.

Nate, Brenda, and Maya sit at The Idaho Café getting ready to take off from the godforsaken land of potato-y horrors. Or, y'know, maybe it's really, really nice. Brenda takes off to grab a straw so that Maya can take her drink with her because Brenda is now Maya's new mommy, and as soon as she departs, Barb walks through the front door with an excited "Hey, you guys!" So happy, all of a sudden. But as they chat of all things chocolate muffin, Brenda skulks back over and Nate introduces them. "Brenda Chenowith?" Barb asks. Uh-oh. "I know your name. Lisa mentioned it to me." Surrounded by other words including "whore," "wife-stealer," "emotionally manipulative competition for my own husband's affection," and "broom closet." Other than that, I'm sure it was all very kind and measured. They all stare awkwardly for a moment, until Barb asks, "So you two are...?" Nate cuts her off and clarifies: "We were." People? Just admit when you're in a relationship with another person. If you can't, you're doing something wrong. "I didn't know that you were here!" chirps Barb, in what I would think was passive-aggressiveness if I thought Barb had a proclivity for passivity. She doesn't. If she didn't like this, she'd just be a bitch. She's fine with it because Nate's about to be in a lot of trouble and we sort of have to clear the decks for that, I guess. "How nice that you have someone to join you." Awkward awkwardness abounds, until Brenda turns the attention back to the child, and Barb takes her leave with a pinched "travel safely." She takes her leave and Nate sits down, Brenda observing, "Small town." Life can be pretty insular in Umurawi, Idaho. Sorry, Ruth. No proper nouns.

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