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Sixty-Seven Weddings And Nine Funerals

Claire develops her photos in the darkroom as Billy stands too close to her. Strong words in the staff room! The accusations fly! It's no use, though, as Billy uses his age as a positive (I ought to start trying that!), artfully reminiscing, "When I went to school here, there were lines up and down the hallway of people waiting to develop their shit." And then as now, that's exactly what it was. Claire agrees that a miscarriage of Art-with-a-capital-A is afoot, agreeing, "Fucking digital." Yeah. Fight the real enemy. Claire turns the topic to Claire (surprise!), asking if it's weird for Billy to have her in his class. He asks the same question of her, and she tells him that it's "weird in a good way." She tells him that sometimes she doesn't listen to him at all, and that sometimes she'll just "stare at [his] legs. 'Cause they're really long." A+ for you! I'm going to start saying that to people in positions of authority. She asks him out to dinner and he accepts, and he looks at her wonked out photos that she didn't even take and tells her, "That's interesting." Meh. It's a 4.5.

"Just the name 'Rainbow Kids,' it's so fucking condescending." I thought you were the one who was against discrimination, David. David and Keith celebrate their terrible lives with a dinner of sushi and sake, Keith advising, "Let it go." A gentleman next to them calls out for "another spicy tuna hand roll, and put jalapeno in this time." Really? David rolls his eyes at the man's insolence, and Keith excuses himself so David can regain his lost power by kicking this small man's ass. The gentleman calls out, "And more ginger, too!" and David quietly adds, "Please." The guy looks at him and asks, "What did you say?" Words are exchanged and the guy asks, "Who the fuck do you think you are?" David, because he'd be a great gay dad, replies that he's a member of the human race. Keith returns to find that David has bitten the man's earring out. Because I'll bet it was pretty faggy, and they don't want him getting to "Rainbow Kids" first.

The grey-suited man alone in the frame at the mausoleum is named "Stan." We know this because the Stan from the first act has gone off in the third, and he has come calling at Lisa's parents' house, where he apologizes for disturbing them and gets right down to business: "When I was transferring the ashes into the urn, I couldn't help but [sic] notice there were a lot of bone fragments. It's the kind of thing you see in much, much older cremains. You hardly ever see that now, technology's improved so much." Mrs. Dead Mom tells him to "just say it," and so he does: "I don't think they're Lisa's."

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